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  • Melanie Beard

ITC Maurya, New Delhi

ITC Maurya is a tribute to the illustrious Mauryan Dynasty which gave Indian history the Golden Age of art, architecture and culture. The architecture of the hotel rises up in steps in the style of a Buddhist Stupa, and the central lobby recreates the dome of a Buddhist Chaitya Hall, which has been modeled from the ancient cave temples in Karla, Maharashtra.

Nestled in greenery, in the heart of Delhi, ITC Maurya – a premier luxury hotel in the Capital, is acknowledged as the preferred ‘Residence for World Leaders and Global Icons’ for over 30 years. The 438 room property epitomizes the luxury hotel experience with exemplary service and warm hospitality soaked in Indian traditions.

The beautifully decorated guest suites feature comfortable beds, high-quality amenities and spacious lounge areas. Classical-style furniture is combined with modern art and contemporary fabrics to create an elegant but warm atmosphere. Many of the rooms also offer wonderful views of the city.

In this spectacular hotel there are no less than seven dining options to choose from; from the rooftop Grill House to 24-hour Pavilion restaurants. ITC Maurya is known for its excellent gastronomy, which has attracted gourmet travelers from all over the world.

Bukhara, one of the world’s most famous Indian restaurants is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Established in Delhi in 1978, Bukhara has become an Indian culinary institution with a huge international following thanks to its authentic menu, so popular it hasn’t changed in nearly four decades.

Located at the ITC Maurya Hotel in New Delhi, Bukhara has become a must-visit on the itinerary of both the city’s residents and tourists alike, it was even the first Indian restaurant in the world to be named in Restaurant’s Magazine ‘World’s 50 Best.’

The restaurant is renowned for its traditional North West Frontier style of cuisine, inspired by campfire cooking. Bukhara brings rustic flavors alive in traditional clay ‘tandoor’ ovens. This style of cooking takes a chef many years of meticulous training and dedication to master the technique of making the breads, the ability to gauge spices, mix marinades, and to judge the heat of the tandoor and time necessary for each dish to be perfectly cooked.

Bukhara was ITC Hotels’ first foray into branded cuisine, since then the luxury hotel group, which has 10 properties across India, has established its gourmet offering with restaurant brands that offer a true taste of regional and historic Indian cuisine.

This great group called ITC Hotels is a portfolio of ten unique hotels in India’s key cities, renowned for their great locations, inspiring architecture and setting the standards in Responsible Luxury. Each hotel within the ITC Hotels portfolio truly captures the magic and diversity of each individual destination catering for both business and leisure travellers seeking a premium experience that captures the soul of India.

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