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  • Melanie Beard

Hotel Regency Firenze

The Hotel Regency in Florence exudes an ambience reminiscent of the enchanting Regency Era, when Florentine aristocrats were enamored of art, creativity, the written word, and an invigorating, lively life spent in good company.

Originally an exceptional Florentine villa overlooking a prestigious square and a ten-minute walk to the Duomo, Hotel Regency has been painstakingly restored in order to re-open as a five star boutique hotel. Now-a-days it is recognized globally for its excellence and is a proud member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

This large portfolio of boutique hotels across the globe divides its over 520 hotels into categories, basing itself on the type of experience they offer their guests. All of them all living proof that nothing beats individual, one-to-one service from people who care.

The categories of Small Luxury Hotels go from ‘modern design hotels’ and ‘family hotels’ to extravagant venues like ‘private island hotels’ and ‘wildlife and safari hotels’. The different categories, or ‘experiences’ within the portfolio allow us the guests to select those hotels (whose excellence is assured by being a part of Small Luxury Hotels) that most fit our desires.

There exist even such specific Experiences as ‘hotels in UNESCO sites’ and ‘lake and waterfront hotels’, making sure we have all the options we want. Within the category of ‘historical hotels’ lies Regency Hotel Firenze, where resorts vary from medieval convents to lavish chateaus, private mansions to captivating castles. These are places where we become part of the years of history that precede their charm.

Each room of Hotel Regency Firenze is filled with history and dressed with elegant, sophisticated designs and deep hues. We feel at home here, where our needs are anticipated with discreet, personalized attention. A master of hospitality and guest services, this gorgeous hotel ensures that we get to know the wonders of Florence with the greatest comfort and pleasure.

Here we can also savour exquisite gourmet dishes, beautifully presented on tables dressed in thick linen at Relais Le Jardin restaurant. In the Zodiaco Room grand mirrors reflect evocative candlelight whilst the boiserie and hand-painted glass echo a history of tips and tales and a passion for serving fine food in a room that feels like home. The Veranda is a natural extension of the dining room with windows onto the private, interior garden. In the nice weather, we can enjoy meals on the garden's patio.

Regency Firenze is a haven of sheer perfection at the heart of one of the most astounding cities in the world.

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