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  • Melanie Beard

Palace of the Lost City

To think of Africa is to relate it immediately to safaris, gigantic savannas and its imposing animal kingdom, but that is only part of the story. It is a continent of contrasts, inhabited by tribes that remain faithful to their ancient traditions, and imposing majestic modern constructions, such as the spectacular Palace of the Lost City in Sun City.

Here, in the crater of an ancient volcano, inside a nature reserve, I enjoyed a few days of luxury and adventure. To categorize it as a five-star hotel is to limit the description of its beauty and impeccable service.

Palace of the Lost City is a resort lost in time, located in a green paradise that looks as if it was taken directly from an adventure book. In fact, the hotel was built in 1992 based on the myth of an ancient kingdom lost in the jungle, transforming the exotic natural beauty of the area into 25 hectares of jungle with waterfalls, botanical gardens, and beautiful paths to discover flora and fauna. More than one million plants and trees of different species were planted to create this striking jungle, with specimens brought in from Australia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Madagascar, and of course from South Africa.

The true magic of the hotel resides in its details and services. From the impressive width of its reception, to its frescoes, fountains and mosaics, to its spacious rooms… the Palace is a destination in itself.

Among its many attractions is a suspension bridge over the river, an impressive wave pool, water slides, an impressive open labyrinth, beautiful fountains and sculptures of African animals, waterfalls along the jungle, a park where you can pet the puppies of tigers and lions, in addition to being close to an important animal reserve.

Here I enjoyed a wonderful safari experience, where I was fortunate to see cheetahs, the world's fastest land animal, thanks to our incredible ranger Solomzi. Within the nature reserve I witnessed the most beautiful sunset I’d ever seen, where the dusky pink and blue colors of the sky reflected in a small lake, surrounded by mountains and long, thin trunks of dry trees.

I enjoyed here the beautiful Lost City golf course, which is a continuation of this enchanted place. It was built on terrain that tests the skills of golfers, with 18 holes on a rocky terrain with ripples, red sand traps and soft, gentle grass. A series of lakes separate the countryside from the ninth hole, achieving a beautiful green landscape in an exotic environment, it’s almost like playing golf on a safari!

This stunning place, as if taken from a dream, is one of the many faces of Africa, this land of the unexpected. Elegant and charming, the Palace of the Lost City is much more than a hotel, it is a fantasy.

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