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  • Melanie Beard

Absolute Thai, Hilton Nanjing

I explored the exoticism of the magical taste of Thai food in Hilton Nanjing . A magnificent dinner was prepared with the expert touch of the famous Thai Chef Mr. Sakon Sangsrikaew, who has a rich experience with his nearly 20 year’s career and who has done a thorough research about Thai culinary culture. Here, in the magnificent restaurant Absolute Thai, the Chef has mixed the original Thai food with modern touches.

The Absolute Thai Restaurant located on 6F of the stylish hotel Hilton Nanjing Wanda, with a breathtaking decoration. The luxurious and auspicious design, and the lovely cloud pattern paintings contrast exquisitely with the elegant dark brown furniture of a thick Chinese style. The modification of these Chinese elements makes the restaurant very modern and unique, not only in the city but in the country as a whole.

I enjoyed a magnificent dinner here in the private dining room called Chain Mai. It is a traditional for elegant or special dinners to be served in such private quarters in China, where privacy and an intimate ambience are highly valued.

The experience was one of authentic Thai dishes in an authentic Chinese ambience. The various kinds of Thai food made by the Chef Sakon showed a vast knowledge in the techniques and ingredients of the most exquisite dishes of that exotic country. Subtle but tasty, every morsel was a delight.

After dinner I had the great pleasure to attend a performance by Paraguayan musicians at the hotel’s busy bar. The original and beautiful sounds of the harp accompanied perfectly the wine and lovely company.

Hilton Nanjing is located in the heart of this amazing and historical city, just minutes away from the enchanting Confucius Temple. Now a plaza filled with shops and quirky restaurants, this ancient temple is surrounded by small channels and picturesque stone bridges.

The city of Nanjing, a treasure trove for those who seek culture, history, innovation, modernity, and luxury all at once, is a place of outstanding beauty and historical value, where the past and the present live in exquisite harmony.

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