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Legendary Hotel Imperial’s Scent

Pauline Rochas of the fabled Paris perfume dynasty of the same name has created two exclusive scents for Vienna’s palace hotel: the uniquely imperial Gold Scentand the exquisitely seductive Silver Scent. Both are manufactured in the capital of perfume-making, Grasse, true to Pauline Rochas’ composition, and they are available as one-of-a-kind room scents as well as elegant scented candles.

Pauline Rochas, fragrance and fashion icon Hélène Rochas‘ granddaughter, grew up in Paris, Bordeaux and on the Côte d'Azur. She developed a deep bond with nature alongside a love of the arts. The influential Queen of Elegance herself, Hélène Rochas, was the first to recognize Pauline Rochas‘ artistic talents. She gave her granddaughter her first camera, and Pauline devoted herself to photography for years, running her own studio in New York. After her grandmother’s passing, Pauline Rochas felt drawn towards “haute parfumerie“. Today, she is a sought-after independent creative director in that field, celebrated for her exquisite fragrance concepts.

“We are delighted to have found the internationally renowned virtuoso of scents, Pauline Rochas, who has created a bespoke concept for Hotel Imperial”, says General Manager Mario Habicher. “Her fragrances enrich the hotel premises, but they can also transcend our palace’s walls, enchanting the homes of those who so wish in the form of a scented candle or room scent”.

Vienna resident Pauline Rochas exclusively crafted the GoldandSilver Scentfor the iconic Austrian hotel. This is how she describes them:

The Gold Scentspirits you away on a sensual journey to a place where the imperial grandeur of the past has been masterfully blended with all the amenities the modern world has to offer. A creation that seems to be effortless and deceptively simple at first, with its top note of zesty grapefruit combined with a hint of warm cinnamon, only to reveal a musky heart of cedar and pink pepper, which lends the scent a more daring undertone. The earthy bases of vetiver and patchouli add texture and depth to the fragrance, ensuring it will last all day. A matchless blend of the classic and the modern, it is a true work of art.

The Imperial’s second signature fragrance, the Silver Scent, pays homage to the sweet, culinary delights commonly associated with traditional Viennese hospitality. In this elegant creation, top notes of candied oranges suffused with juicy-fresh apples melt into a heavenly combination of spicy cinnamon and ripe plums, while creamy vanilla and precious amber add an almost chocolatey effect to the fragrance. An intoxicating, warm and sweet scent that envelopes the senses and allures without being overpowering. A fragrance designed to evoke cherished memories.

Thanks also to their precious packaging, room scents and scented candles alike make unrivaled presents or treasured souvenirs evoking an unforgettable stay in the 5-star Superior Hotel Imperial on Ring Boulevard.

Originally built as a private residence for Duke Philipp of Wuerttemberg, the magnificent palace at Vienna’s iconic Ringstrasse (RingBoulevard) was converted into Hotel Imperial for the World Exhibition in 1873. The residence of choice for royalty and high society visiting Vienna for more than 140 years, features individually styled rooms and suites with impeccable butler service on call.

Precious antiques, marble baths, silk-clad walls, and crystal chandeliers all exude the ambience of 19thcentury Vienna, while state-of-the-art convention technology liaises harmoniously with the exquisite atmosphere of the ceremonial halls.

The Luxury Collection, part of Marriott International, Inc., is comprised of world-renowned hotels and resorts offering unique, authentic experiences that evoke lasting, treasured memories.

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