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  • Melanie Beard

A Heavenly Stay at Belmond Caruso

The perfectly blue sky’s reflection on the infinity pool creates a dazzling mirage, where the cliffs and rooftops of the city below hang suspended between two heavens, lazy white clouds drifting between historical buildings and majestic mountains. Perched a top of high cliff edge 1,000 feet above sea level, Belmond Caruso is trapped somewhere between Heaven and Earth, functioning as a portal between a world of fantasy and reality. Plucked straight out of a dream, this luxury hotel is surreal in its beauty and eternal elegance.

Belmond Caruso was originally built by a wealthy family who were shipwrecked on their trip to Constantinople; that's why it was called the Palazzo d'Afflitto, the ‘Palace of the Afflicted’. Today, the name couldn't be further from the truth. Although in every corner, visitors discover a new and intriguing part of the hotel's history, the Belmond Hotel Caruso has all the modern luxuries anyone could wish for.

Inside, the hotel’s 50 rooms have been lovingly restored to their former Neapolitan glory: handcrafted terracotta floors and Naples yellow walls adorned with neoclassical antiques, fresh flowers, and stunning views of the coastline complete the magical experience.

This ancient palace from the 11th century immerses us in a sophisticated and authentic luxury. Its marble corridors lead to rooms filled with antiques and paintings by renowned ancient artists. Sitting on a limestone throne in the tranquil pinnacle of Ravello, Belmond Hotel Caruso is much more than a hotel - it is a lifestyle. From this paradise, the charm of Italy seduces us all.

At nightfall, chef Mimmo di Raffaele injects a modern twist into traditional Italian dishes at the Belvedere restaurant: each creation uses world-class local produce. Before moving on to the restaurant, the classic and atmospheric Piano Bar awaits us, where we can enjoy innovative cocktails, wines, champagne and local prosecco. This is the preferred destination for nightlife on the Amalfi Coast.

The Hotel Caruso is now closed for the season and will re-open 1 April 2021, making us fall in love with Italy over and over again. A heavenly refuge between the sea and the sky, this, the jewel of the Amalfi Coast, is the magical result of the union of natural beauty, hotel excellence and the love for the ‘dolce vita’ that is present in every moment of our stay.

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