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  • Melanie Beard

A Lush Desert Oasis: Esperanza Resort

The Auberge Resorts Collection team is like a family. Each individual brings their unique personality to create distinctive moments for guests: sharing local traditions, providing highly personal service, and creating hundreds of unforgettable experiences that nurture and calm the body, mind, and soul. In Los Cabos, Auberge Resorts delights us in a hotel with a unique character and unforgettable setting: Esperanza Resort.

The waves break along the rocks, sending a salty spray into the air heated by the bright sunlight. Their centuries-old rhythm helped shape the coastline of Punta Ballena de Los Cabos, named for its resemblance to a whale's tail. It is here that the iconic Esperanza Resort is found; a portal to the wonders and magic of one of Mexico’s most superb destinations.

Los Cabos makes us fall in love with its authentic charm, a paradise where the sea gushes between impressive rock formations in the sandy beach, this Eden is a paradise for those who love getting in touch with nature, enjoying excellent gastronomy, relaxing in the Spa and being swept away by the beauty of the Sea of Cortés.

The Cocina del Mar restaurant, bar and lounge is perched on impressive cliffs overlooking the two private beaches of Esperanza. It was here that I let my senses take me on a culinary journey through the Sea of ​​Cortez and the green farms of Los Cabos. Illuminated by lanterns, Cocina del Mar invites us to relax with handmade cocktails before strolling to dinner over a cascade of terraces facing a sea kissed by the foam of crashing waves.

True to its name, Cocina del Mar prepares healthy and deeply satisfying dishes that celebrate the sea that surrounds me everywhere. The talented Chef Guillermo Gómez created here an open-air exhibition kitchen that is full of energy, a perfect place to explore bites of Baja California coastal cuisine and regionally inspired cocktails alongside a wood-fired oven.

After enjoying the excellent cuisine of the resort I allowed myself to be papered by its magnificent Spa. When I entered the spa through weather-beaten wooden gates, I found myself in a lush desert oasis, with plants and a palapa roof that lets the glorious Cabo sunshine filter in. Treatments harness the healing powers of local plants and take place in private suites with the door left discreetly open to the elements. It’s good for the soul to spend time in this award-winning spa, where tension melts away and a greater sense of inner peace is achieved. 

The unique style of the resort, its authentic flavor, the beauty of Los Cabos and the mesmerizing coming and going of sea waves created in me a feeling of well-being and relaxation, taking over my senses one by one.


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