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  • Melanie Beard

A Paradise in Blue

A kaleidoscope of colors extends in front of me, stretching all the way to the horizon. Thousands of shades of blue and green playing with my senses - the sea of the island of ​​Cozumel has no equal. And seeing it, living it, feeling it from the charming B Unique hotel is a magical experience: I open my terrace door, relax in a hammock, and let the dazzling view take my breath away.

Modern, spacious, bright spaces with an incomparable view of the sea or the jungle, designed so that our rest is total, in its colorful rooms you can breathe the Caribbean spirit on all four sides. An original space, with personality, with soul ... a unique hotel. B Unique puts us in contact with the beautiful nature that surrounds it and immerses us in a world of relaxation, peace and harmony.

The day passes with the rhythm and softness of the delicate waves that caress the white sand of the beach and the paradise that is Cozumel makes us all fall in love. Taking us by the hand to discover the most unique of the island, B Unique creates unforgettable experiences, all in a spectacular setting.

The seductive colors of the hotel's infinity pool mix with the blue hues of the sea, drawing my gaze to the horizon, where small white clouds play. The sea, the sweet breeze from its beaches, the authenticity of its service and its natural treasures make this destination a natural paradise.

An infinity of natural wealth lies under the delicate waves of the sea, waiting to be discovered by those who venture to explore its wonders. Hundreds of underwater gems and jungle adventures have made Cozumel famous as an exotic portal to the Mayan world. Bicycle rides, water activities, and delicious culinary experiences, exquisite massages in its spa and moments of total peace make my stay an unforgettable experience.

With our feet in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and our heads in the clouds, the beautiful B Unique hotel combines modern, innovative and chic design with an atmosphere only possible in an island where the sky is a work of art and every moment an opportunity to live a memorable adventure.

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