• Melanie Beard

Into the Heart of San Miguel de Allende with Rosewood

Founded in 1542 by Franciscan monk Fray Juan de San Miguel, the mission town of San Miguel El Grande was an important stop on Spain's silver route. Today, San Miguel de Allende is considered a notable example of 16th-century Spanish Colonial Baroque architecture.

This wonderful hotel pays homage to the history of San Miguel de Allende while staying true to the philosophy of Rosewood and its famous 'Sense of Place'. A space of unique beauty and rich history, this paradise is a portal to the wonders of this magical city.

From the moment I visualize the impressive red structure of the Rosewood San Miguel de Allende, I begin to participate in its magic again. I enter its ironic interior patio and I am immediately immersed in a world of sophistication, art and hedonism.

Located within the historic heart of downtown San Miguel de Allende and reminiscent of a grand hacienda, the hotel's design was inspired by the rich history and authentic colonial architecture of its location. In its huge interior patio we can enjoy its famous breakfast and brunch every morning at the 1826 restaurant, frequented by local.

Here, traveling art exhibitions mix with the glamor and luxury of yesteryear that remains alive and perfectly preserved in unique and authentic spaces. One of the most brilliant hotel jewels in Mexico, this eden expresses the rich heritage and the charming cosmopolitan spirit of the famous colonial city where it is located.

Opened in February 2011, Rosewood San Miguel de Allende was crafted by local artisans in the guise of the old city, striving to capture the essence of one of Mexico's most beloved destinations. Hand-carved furnishings, wood-beamed ceilings, handcrafted arches, and colors that reflect the rich hues of the city accentuate the hedonistic experience that awaits within the hideous walls of this iconic building.