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  • Melanie Beard

Mexico's Surreal State

Surreal in every sense of the word, the Huasteca Potosina is a living, vibrant work of art that immerses us in its magic with each step… Crossing sugar cane plantations and spectacular views of hills, forests and canyons, we let ourselves fall in love with the surreal magic of San Luis Potosí, with its unmistakable soul that attracts, seduces and encourages us to return.

Fittingly named after the Surrealist State of Mexico, San Luis Potosí seems to exist in another universe, in our minds, in our dreams… its heart, the Huasteca Potosina, hypnotizes us with its natural beauty, with its authentic soul, with the tender song of its birds and the surprising, incredible colors of its waterfalls and rivers.

Our adventure began in this land of water, sugar and adrenaline at the Salto del Meco waterfall, within the Naranjo region. Turquoise waters, almost greenish, shine under the sun in a fall of 38 meters, sheltered by exuberant nature.

Exploring it by paddle board, rowboat, raft, or from the comfort of the Huasteca Secreta hotel restaurant, this waterfall and its exotic surroundings are a haven of peace, color, and light. It was here that we spent the night, under a starry sky and among the flashes of fireflies.

With an adventurous spirit, the hotel Huasteca Secreta immerses us in the impressive destination where it is located, with our bungalow a few steps from the colorful waters of the El Salto River. Designed to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, in this natural Eden we let ourselves be carried away by the music of the birds and the wind swaying the leaves of the tall and ancient bamboos.

The next day, a panoramic staircase to the top of the canyon takes us to the panoramic restaurant of Huasteca Secreta. From here we set sail in search of more surrealism. Our next destination was the Minas Viejas waterfall, where the fine sediment of the rocks paints the calm waters white, contrasting with the vivid green of the vegetation and the light brown of the imposing walls of the canyon.

At the Micos waterfall we participated in unforgettable adventures, crossing the tall treetops and flying over the stunning colors of the river from a series of long zip lines. Afterwards, we jumped on a flying bike, balanced on a thin cable 80 meters above waterfalls – the adrenaline made our hearts beat in tune with the torrential falls of the water.

A land of adventure and unparalleled natural beauty, the Huasteca Potosina is one on Mexico’s most splendid treasures, a land of peace and adrenaline, of warm, quiet nights, and exciting days of magical escapades.


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