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  • Melanie Beard

The Joy of Returning to Paradise

A sudden stirring in the breeze creates gentle ripples on the liquid mirror at my feet, where the reflections of trees and a large fire brazier dance amongst the stars. I breathe in the thick, warm air of the Caribbean, filling my lungs with the salty taste of ocean, sand, jungle and a touch of honey – an enticing mix that has become in my mind the iconic aroma of this paradise. I find myself once more in Nizuc Resort & Spa, the jewel of the world-famous destination of Cancun, allowing the exquisite perfection of the luxury experience of the hotel engulf me and submerge me entirely in a world of pleasure. I have found paradise.

High vaulted ceilings, long, open spaces, fine design furniture, and spectacular views are part of the charm of this oasis dedicated to relaxation – a marvelous setting only outshone by the excellence of the service. The trademark hand-over-heart gesture and the welcoming smile express the true passion of the hotel’s staff for creating memorable experiences and ensuring that every moment is like a dream.

Nizuc Resort is located on a calm and beautiful beach, where the stunning Caribbean Sea changes colors constantly; from aqua blue to greenish tones and darker, almost purple colors. The ocean slithers almost motionless among the mangroves surrounding the twelve-hectare long area.

This luxurious escape from reality has two pool areas, one for adults-only and one for families, as well as a beach area and an adults-only restaurant. Hours of sun, sand, and sea extend towards infinity...

A paradise for foodies, Nizuc Resort & Spa dazzles with spaces where the culinary arts have been brought to their maximum expression. These gastronomic jewels are a delight for the most sophisticated palates, stimulating at every moment our senses.

This time around I allowed myself to be taken on a gastronomic journey by Ramona, the flagship of Nizuc Resort. A sanctuary for the senses, where every moment and every bite are works of art, it is here that Chef Eduardo Torres turns a dinner into a sensory experience, re-creating typical dishes of excellent Mexican cuisine with creative and unique touches; inspired by local ingredients, his mother's cuisine, and the country's vibrant culture.

A space of immeasurable peace, perfect harmony, and absolute beauty, this gem is a memorable Eden of luxury, good taste, and touching Mexican service.


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