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  • Alexis Beard

Enjoying Señorio de Montanera

The 100% Ibérico de Señorío de Montanera Bellota Ham - a real delicacy - has unique qualities: an intense red cut, very veined and almost transparent; intense, penetrating aroma; juicy, permanent, tasty, with light sweet touches. Deserving of its fame and universal recognition, the Bellota de Extremadura Ham is a delight for the senses.

Señorío de Montanera groups more than 60 barns with dehesas of oaks and cork oaks in Extremadura, Andalusia and the Portuguese Alentejo, where pigs of pure Iberian breed are bred, being the largest producer of Acorn Ham 100% Iberian Protected Denomination of Origin Dehesa of Extremadura.

Señorio de Montanera are traditional winners, who raise pure Iberian pigs that spend the autumn and winter in montanera, feeding on natural pastures and acorns. From this is obtained a muscular Iberian pig, whose extremities are thin and resistant, resulting in juicy, aromatic and flavored products, which has given them the professional recognition of great chefs and restaurateurs.

The nucleus in their installation is located in Salvaleón, the area with the largest area of holm oaks in the Iberian Peninsula and where the dryers and natural cellars excavated in rock are located that allow the elaboration and artisanal maturation.

The healing of Iberian hams from Señorío de Montanera is a purely artisanal process, a trade passed on from generation to generation and whose results are unique pieces.

Profiled by knife, one by one, the artisans check the right degree of salting, proper drying and slow ripening in the cellar. Before his expedition, the ham master with an extraordinary sensitivity, performs in each piece 'the cove', making sure that they are all perfect.

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