• Alexis Beard

Vibrant heart of China: Mandarin Oriental Shanghai

A city where modernity and history coexist, mix and match, Shanghai is the vibrant heart of China. From its skyscrapers to the French concession and the old wooden temples, this huge metropolis is full of wonders and mysteries, unique spaces where curious travelers can get lost for hours, find something magical at every moment.

A luxury destination, Shanghai is also known for its magnificent hotels. Standing majestically on the banks of the Huangpu River, the Mandarin Oriental Pudong Hotel is the perfect combination of style, comfort and excellent service.

The location of Mandarin Oriental Pudong is particularly exciting due to its proximity to Harbor City, a new avant-garde art district that turns what was once a purely financial area into a stimulating and rapidly evolving center.

Life is full of temptations - the only thing left for us to do is let ourselves fall into them. This luxurious hotel is a destination in itself, full of culinary, experiential and Spa temptations.

This exquisite Spa offers a wide range of therapies and holistic wellness experiences, promises a truly exceptional experience. With a décor inspired by the Asian idea of ​​constant change and transformation, the spa features light oak wood floors, sand-colored marble and butterfly motifs throughout.

In addition to an extensive list of treatments and therapies, they regularly offer various educational workshops in practices as diverse as Chinese astrology, palm and face reading.

Essential to make any trip a memorable experience, gastronomy envelops us in local cultures. In the Mandarin Oriental culinary art has been perfected and we find gastronomic gems, such as Yong Yi Ting.

The hotel's renowned Yong Yi Ting restaurant has just been awarded a Michelin star in the Michelin Guide to Shanghai 2017, the first Michelin guide to restaurants in mainland China.

Unique among the hotel restaurants in Shanghai, Yong Yi Ting includes in its menu recipes from the Jiang Nan area (south of the Yangtze River), undoubtedly a perfect example to illustrate the varied culinary universe of Shanghai and the nearby provinces of Shanghai. Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Chef Tony Lu's dishes highlight the delicate flavors of the season, seasoned with a tempting touch of modernity, a menu that changes throughout the year.

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