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Paradise on Earth: Banyan Tree Hangzhou

Known as 'Paradise on Earth', Hangzhou, the city of canals, lagoons,

lakes and rivers, has been the scene for innumerable Chinese poems and operas. Tiny islands within its famous West Lake are home to temples,

exquisitely decorated pavilions, gardens, arches and bridges. Majestic, the Five-story Leifeng Pagoda stands imposingly among the lush trees of


The flourishing city of Hangzhou was a natural choice for Banyan Tree, due to its reputation as one of the ten most picturesque cities in China, as well as one of the most popular tourist destinations for domestic travelers. The historic Xixi region in particular was noted for its natural beauty in the writings of the eminent poets of the Tang Dynasty, and it was also the birthplace of the famous Dragon Boat Festival in 1465. Today, the Xixi National Wetland Park It offers a unique retreat to the inhabitants of the city from within China, as well as to international travelers, with its diverse offers of ecology, culture and entertainment.

Designed by Architrave Design and Planning, the internal architectural arm of Banyan Tree, Banyan Tree Hangzhou comprises 36 water terraces and 36 villas that are the most spacious that can be found in Hangzhou. The complex is designed in Jiang Nan style, which gives it an authentic sense of place and priceless tranquility. Starting at 120 square meters, each water terrace or villa reflects the characteristics of oriental design, as well as contemporary amenities within an elegant living space. The interiors are filled with dark wood floors, delicately carved furniture and accented by touches of vibrant silk brocade, embroidered fabrics and detailed tapestries.

With four elegant stations, Hangzhou offers a different experience for visitors throughout the year. As the capital of Zhejiang Province, it is also an important transportation hub and center of economic development. Its privileged location guarantees its popularity as an option for weekend retreats or short breaks, since it is less than two hours by car from Shanghai and is easily accessible by both rail and air. One of the most popular sites in Hangzhou is West Lake, which encompasses historic pagodas built in the vicinity of lakes and hills.

Within the Xixi National Wetland Park, a "living water park" has been preserved through the recovery of wetland areas and the restoration of ecological systems, paving the way for the establishment of fish ponds and reeds, and the reintroduction of 270 biological species like persimmon, blackberry, bamboo trees, willow and camphor. Guests can visit several attractions, such as Plum Villa, Autumn Snow Temple, Yanshui Fishing Villa and Xixi Family House, which are located within the reserve, which offer the historical and cultural stories of the Hangzhou region. The Xixi National Wetland Park, 15 minutes from the city of Shanghai, is wonderfully peaceful, and it is here that the Banyan Tree Hangzhou is located.

In Hangzhou, folklore and traditions are not mere memories of a rich and distant past, but remain an important part of the lives of their citizens.

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