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  • Melanie Beard

Exploring Osaka from the Hilton

Oasis of subtle luxury and refined elegance, the Hilton Hotels are my guides in the farthest corners of the world, with whom I live great experiences and visit unforgettable places. An elegant and sophisticated home away from home, a Hilton always pamper us, taking us by the hand to discover magical places. In Japan, this prestigious hotel chain was a portal to explore a unique city and destination: Osaka.

The Hilton Osaka has a wonderful location, close to the Osaka station. This train station - like all in Japan - is very well connected with thousands of places. Quick and comfortable, these trains take us to incredible destinations around Osaka, such as Nara and Himeji Castle. The city center is a few stops away, full of typical Japanese arcades and endless restaurants.

Whether we are doing business, enjoying leisure time or looking to spend quality time with our family, this magnificent Hilton hotel ensures that we make the most of our stay, with the services we need, the amenities we expect, and the extras we deserve.

In addition to being a vibrant modern city, Osaka also has a rich history. Its wonderful palace, called Osaka Castle, has been destroyed and rebuilt countless times. It was Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the year 1583 who built it and since then it has served as the function of castle, fortress, palace, and battlefield.

An hour's walk takes us half an hour from this beautiful castle to the Hilton Osaka hotel. Elegant and sophisticated, the modern hotel’s construction stands impressive between the buildings of the financial area of Osaka. With its wonderful service and specious rooms, this divine hotel invites us to enjoy this beautiful part of ​​Japan.

Japan is a land of exemplary enchantment, whose every corner is full of magical places that combine in a very unique way the country’s rich past and its vibrant present.

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