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  • Melanie Beard

A Culinary Jewel in Tokyo

In the Japanese restaurant Suiren of the Capitol Hotel Tokyu, the famous Asian hospitality takes its literal meaning. Here we can enjoy delicious teppan-yaki, sushi, and kaiseki food.

'Kaiseki' was the name of the light meal that was served in the typical Japanese tea ceremony. Today it is synonymous with haute cuisine in Japan; is the true Japanese cuisine, at its best, and it has a certain order in which the dishes are presented which always goes according to the seasons.

In Suiren this complicated and exquisite food is achieved to perfection. Modern but with traditional touches, such as its fine white wood, make the luxurious restaurant’s ambiance a reflection of the city where it is located.

A city full of luxury, vibrant and modern, historical and rich in culture, Tokyo deserves its mystical and intriguing fame. Here the past mixes with the present and at each step we find old structures and modern skyscrapers sharing the same air. The capital and the heart of Japan, it is a beautiful city whose history, culture, gastronomy and, of course, great hospitality, make us fall in love with all those who visit it.

Suiren Restaurant epitomizes the hotel's theme of "Japanese Modern Hospitality", making this an icon of the innovative hotel industry of Tokyo. Also, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu is part of The Preferred Hotels portfolio, which reflects the highest standards of quality, excellence, service and luxury that set aside the hotels that belong to this select and exclusive group.

Apart form the gastronomy, another wonderful experience that we can experience in the Hotel is to witness the sacred ritual of Shinto preformed by priests. The sanctuary of Hie, from the year 1590, is located right next to the hotel and guests can access a restricted worship room where we can see this ritual. The Sanctuary was the guardian of the Tokugawa Shogun in the Edo period and then of the imperial family.

A city full of luxury, vibrant and modern, historical and rich in culture, a culinary jewel, Tokyo deserves its mystical and intriguing fame.

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