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  • Melanie Beard

The Masterpiece of Nature

There are countless words we can use to try to describe the colors of the Caribbean, but none of them does it justice. A kaleidoscope of turquoise, aquamarine, green, and an endless number of blue shades, this sea has no equal in the world.

From the huge terrace of my suite at the Westin Cozumel, I start the day with the aroma of coffee and the infinite beauty of the Caribbean at my feet. Here, at the heights of the 16th floor, the capricious and changing colors of the ocean form strange and hypnotizing designs; it is in the masterpiece of nature.

The day goes by with the rhythm and the softness of the delicate waves that caress the white sand of the private beach of the lovely Hotel. On the roof of the Westin Cozumel is the highest pool in the Riviera Maya, flying over this earthly paradise. Located near the northern tip of the Island, the hotel is exclusive and intimate, enjoying breathtaking and privileged views.

Even its magnificent Zazil Spa has magnificent views of the sea, a flagship aroma of white tea penetrating our being, completing the experience of total relaxation.

After letting ourselves be pampered by the Zazil Spa, letting us be surprised by the incredible marine life that we discover by snokerl on the beach, and letting ourselves be carried away by the calm rhythm of the Island of Cozumel, yet another magical spectacle awaits: the sunset. Powerful reddish rays converge with the deep blue of the horizon, playing with our senses and intoxicating us with their unattainable beauty.

When the night falls we are greeted by another wonderful experience, an exquisite dinner at the Cuzamil restaurant with Javier Estevez, the Hotel General Manager. With a long and solid career in the world of hospitality and a great knowledge of the gastronomic world, he has achieved here a level service and attention with highest standards of quality, creating an atmosphere of luxury and exquisite comfort.

With a shy smile the Sous-Chef Alan tells us about the restaurant's intriguing cuisine, which mixes the flavors of Peru with those of Yucatan. This incredible combination, called 'Inca-Maya' is one of the crazy ideas of the talented Chef Massimo, who has created here an intriguing and delicious culinary experience that immerses us in the traditions and culture of these fascinating countries.

From its culinary excellence to the sweetness of its people and the indescribable beauty of its sea, Westin Cozumel is a portal to one of the most impressive wonders of the Mexican Caribbean: the small, picturesque, and infinitely beautiful Cozumel Island.

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