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  • Melanie Beard

andBeyond Botswana

Blessed with some of Africa's most beautiful reserves and an array of exceptional wildlife, Botswana is an unforgettable safari destination.

Extreme in its geography, defined by the arid Kalahari Desert and the fertile delta of the Okavango River, the first impression Botswana offers is a pristine, virginal, the explorer’s Africa. It is a land where the human footprint is still barely noticeable, dominated by the laughter of hyenas in the distance and terrain marked by footprints of elephants.

The Okavango Delta is a magical oasis – water in the desert is a truly spectacular sight. The wide, grassy floodplains are host to a magnificent range of wild animals, including the specially adapted sitatunga and lechwe antelopes.

Also, Botswana is the country with the largest population of African elephants. Herds dominate the landscape, with their long trunks reaching out to pluck an Amarula, the abundant fruit of the Marula tree, locally known as the elephant tree. The amarula is very similar to lychee when the shell is removed, and is quite popular as liquor, whose taste can be compared to that of coffee cream.

Undoubtedly the best way to start the morning is to see an elephant walking just a few meters away from while comfortably eating breakfast outdoors. Undoubtedly an &Beyond experience.

The luxury hotel chain and operator of a wonderful travel company is not only famous for its beautiful facilities, but also recognized and respected by their philosophy of protection, conservation and sustainability of nature, affecting as little as possible the areas where the lodges are located, in addition to monitoring the care and preservation of the traditions and languages ​​of African tribes.

Through its 33 camps &Beyond, demonstrates its ability to blend in with nature and its environment, making the experience of staying in one of their hotels something truly out of this world.

&Beyond Xudum in Botswana is an amazing hotel, hidden in the jungle, only reachable by water. It is located in one of the thousand small islands in the Okavango Delta, whose geography changes dramatically from the dry season to the wet season.

Here you arrive after a brief tour in a traditional canoe, on the canals of the Okavango River. Wading through the calm waters, you can see elephants frolicking in the water, while antelope and buffalo rested quietly in the shade of the trees.

Overlooking a seasonal lagoon, the earthy glamour of this striking lodge provides the perfect counterpoint to the natural bounty of the game-rich landscape. A strong but playful recycled theme provides unusual accents at every turn.

The facilities are located at a strategic point that overlooks the waters of the Delta, while this same water flows under bridges and around the cabins. So that when the water level rises, the hotel becomes an island in the middle of a calm sea, where with indescribable grace the only swimming lions in the world roam in search of food. Xudum is the perfect union of the most incredible adventures and comfort.

Another amazing &Beyond lodge in Botswana is Sandibe, a place whose beauty steals the breath. The design of these twelve cabins was inspired by nature itself and is distinguished by its use of recyclable materials, blending in with its surroundings in a surreal and unbelievable manner.

The lodge’s exceptional design creates a sense of space and grandeur where guests can revel in one of Africa’s most untouched landscapes, drinking in the serene beauty of the unique natural spectacle that lies right on their doorstep.

A cool night breeze lulls the guests into a deep relaxing sleep, to wake up to the sound of laughing baboons or hippos in the distance. The local food is delicious, from steaks, soups and desserts, complemented with tea to stay hydrated in style.

Behind the lodge, golden-grassed floodplains inhabited by a staggering variety of wildlife stretch into the distance, framed by lush palm islands and the spires of giant termite mounds.

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