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Raffles Hotel Singapore

To enjoy a glass of Champagne Moet Chandon with the tiny and elegant bubbles with a delicious Petit Robusto Davidoff cigar in my terrace at the luxurious Raffles hotel in Singapore, is an inexplicable experience.

This stunning resort, one of the few remaining great nineteenth century hotels in the world dating back to 1887, was declared a National Monument by the Singapore Government in 1987. Raffles Hotel has, through the years, gained international recognition as a traveller's paradise with its unique blend of classical architecture and tropical garden setting.

In l989, Raffles Hotel closed for two and a half years for complete restoration. This careful and committed process was undertaken at a cost of $160 million by Raffles Hotel Ltd. The benchmark year used for the restoration was 1915, the first heyday of the Hotel.

Reopened on 16 September 1991, the restored Raffles Hotel features 103 suites, each with hardwood floors, fourteen‑foot ceilings, overhead fans, central air‑conditioning and all the other amenities expected of a Grand Hotel. The furnishings throughout reflect the style and ambience of the Hotel's early heyday.

Over four hundred pieces of existing furniture were restored and re‑used in Raffles. These items bear identifying brass crests signifying that they are a part of Raffles Hotel's past and are displayed throughout the Hotel.

Also, more than 8,000 pieces of silver and historical china, some dating back to the era of the Hotel's founders, Sarkies brothers, have been inventoried and dated as to the period of use. The historical pieces are used where appropriate and form the basis of historical displays throughout the Hotel and the adjoining facilities.

The adjoining land parcel, built in architectural harmony with the Hotel, is known as "Raffles Hotel Arcade". Raffles Hotel Arcade is an integral part of Raffles Hotel, offering a broad range of facilities for visitors to enjoy. It houses 40 regional and specialty shops, indoor and outdoor function areas including The Ballroom and The Lawn and a variety of restaurants and bars including Long Bar where the famous and delicious Singapore Sling was created.

The distinctive restaurants and bars within Raffles Hotel recall the atmosphere of a bygone era. Tiffin Room, adjacent to the lobby, continues as the traditional main dining area. Raffles Grill, the elegant fine dining room, provides a clear view through to the Palm Court while Writers Bar continues to pay tribute to the novelists and travel writers who have become part of the Raffles Hotel legend.

Tropical gardens have always been synonymous with Raffles Hotel. These occupy more than a quarter of the entire estate, providing a tranquil contrast to the bustling city beyond. The delightful sound of singing birds beyond the verandahs and the rustle of palm branches in the breeze recalls the atmosphere of a bygone era and enhances the simpler pleasures of nature usually denied the modern traveller.

The definition of classical elegance and good taste, Raffles Hotel Singapore is a place that takes you back in time to a world where luxury meets unequalled splendor.

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