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  • Alexis Beard

Picturesque History. Destination: Puebla.

Puebla was designed by angels and fed by its legends and characters. Wedged between three volcanoes, somewhere between mythical Tenochtitlan and the port of Veracruz, the picturesque novo Hispanic city of Puebla flourished during centuries. An authentic museum of the very essence of Mexico, this incredible destination is rich in culture, history and offers a world-renowned gastronomy.

We behold its beauty reflected in the beautiful facades coated with Talavera, in its many convents and churches, and in its magnificent Palafoxian Library. A charming city, Puebla is located in the center-east of the Mexican republic. Capital of the fifth-most populated state in the country, it has become a center of commerce and cultural exchange. This historical landmark brings together people of different nationalities and traditions. It is one of the states with the greatest density of indigenous population, for instance the nahuas, totonacos and otomies, and around fifteen per cent of the population is fluent in an indigenous language.

Nowadays, Puebla continues as a cultural reference in Mexico, as well as an attractive destination and a world-renown gourmet site.

Every November, our compass points towards the city of Puebla, where we participate in a festival of brilliant minds, a celebration of creativity and curiosity, with the participation of scientists, humanists and leaders of opinion. The event known as La Ciudad de las Ideas (the City of Ideas) was created by Ricardo Salinas and Andrés Roemer, who seek to create a change in the ‘ideastas’ (idea creators) that participate in the event, thus generating critical and empowered minds.

Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía

From the outside, the boutique hotel Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía looks like a simple colonial building, with its typical terraces and heavy wooden doors. But once we stepped into the central patio, we felt transported to XIX century Mexico.

At first glance, the Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía doesn’t look like a hotel, but rather like a beautiful colonial building in the Callejón de los Sapos (Alley of the Toads). Its reluctance to stand out among the beautiful local architecture is one of the many outstanding qualities of this hotel boutique.

The interior decoration combines rustic furniture with beautiful antiques, all of which are incredible conserved. Typical Puebla Talavera tiles with golden-leaf details mark the doorways.

Every room has its own, unique decoration, with a particular set of antiquities, and, if any guest becomes enamored with a particular piece, they are welcome to buy it. In fact, it is possible to take the whole bedroom. This is due to the fact that, for generations, the Espinosa family that owns the hotel has been dedicated to the trade of antiquities from Puebla and the area that surrounds it.

As to what concerns geography, beautiful Puebla is justly honored. Mexican dishes are served in the patio to the rhythm of live music. One of the specialties is the much-renowned mole. The Puebla variety of mole is king, with its special variety of burnt chipotle chilly that gives it an unforgettable taste.

A magical historical place, Mesón de la Sacristía is an hotel that creates a memorable and unique experience.

La Purificadora

La Purificadora is the name of the 1884 industrial building that houses the most vanguard hotel in the city. The beautiful compound used to be an ice factory where water was purified and bottled.

During the intense remodeling process, a resident archeologist found various glass pieces dating from the original period, such as bottles and containers, most of whish were incorporated into the design of the hotel.

The renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, famous for his use of bright colors, natural light, and grand spaces, accepted the challenge of the project, making it completely monochromatic. Only three colors are used in the hotel: black, white and purple.

La Purificadora is located in the oldest part of the Historical Center of Puebla, quite close to the San Francisco church. Situated in front of an acclaimed commercial center and beside the Convention Center of the city, neighbored by a beautiful garden, it is only a few meters away of the Contemporary Art Gallery.

This magnificent hotel is sophisticated, creative and innovative. Its work philosophy and the way it spoils its guests is part of a philosophy that extends to the kitchen, one that has always been regarded as the epitome of Mexican ‘cocina de autor’ in Mexico.

Due to its geographical position, Puebla has a special place in Mexican history, since it was once the link between the country’s central region and the Gulf coast. Its gastronomy is a blend of pre-Hispanic cultures and Spanish, with a few touches of French and oriental cuisine.

Aiming for an honest, unpretentious Mexican cuisine, Chef Abner Nava and his team at La Purificadora are in a constant pursuit of captivating ideas and new combinations to bring original flavors to their dishes, while always respecting the legacy and tradition of Mexican cooking.

This legacy, along with the best ingredients of Mexican food, are the starting point for the creation of their products, in which they aim for the combination of textures, flavors and aromas that captivate and create a unique experience, heightened by the hotel’s architecture, which has fast become one of the most recognizable and iconic of the downtown area of Puebla.

Puebla was built by those inspired by the old cities of Europe and was inspired by the local beauties in Mexico. Its unique style and the original flavor of its mole create an incredible destiny, riddled with picturesque alleyways nooks teeming with tradition.

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