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  • Melanie Beard

Culinary Pleasures: Grand Velas

Our senses are gateways that transport us to the most distant corners of the world. What we see, hear, and smell is forever branded in our mind, allowing new experiences to take us back to places in our memories. And nothing sparks the ocean of memory like food.

A voyage, a destination, cannot be complete without a culinary experience. Savoring the typical dishes of a region, or touring the diverse restaurants, allowing one’s self to be seduced by each Chef’s imagination and the distinct style of each kitchen, is an incredibly important part of discovering and falling in love with a place.

Nothing seduces more than a culinary pleasure.

The culinary arts are paramount in Grand Velas Riviera Maya. A fusion of ingredients, flavors, and species provide an exceptional gastronomical experience in each of its restaurants. The brilliant minds behind this hotel take pride in the work of their celebrated Chefs, which come from different countries in the world, including Spain, France and Mexico.

The resort offers three casual restaurants, Azul, Chaká, and Bistro, and five specialty high-class ones. Our Two favourtie are Piaf and Cocina de Autor.


Awarded with four diamonds by the AAA, this specialty French restaurant features the fine art of gourmet cuisine. With music of the famous French singer Edith Piaf, the places seduces with its red and golden decoration, romantic and elegant.

Among its specialties stand out the Champagne oysters, the bourguignon escargots, the roasted sea bass in black butter, Black Angus en rosemary reduction, the famous onion soup with gruyere cheese, and the duck confit in wine sauce, as well as the Calvados flambé apple.

Cocina de Autor

Proudly bearing its five diamonds awarded by the AAA, this Mediterranean restaurant is unique in the country, and perhaps in the world. Its cuisine is in constant evolution, inspired by cuisine of the Basque Region in Spain, intent on creating new flavors with Mexican ingredients and vanguard techniques.

The restaurant is run by Bruno Oteiza, Mikel Alonso and Xavier Pérez Stone, world-renowned Chefs, the last of which was named the best Chef in Mexico in 2012. At the height of the best culinary establishments in the world, it’s the only five-diamond recipient restaurant located within a luxury all-inclusive resort. It has been recognized by the Food and Wine magazine as one of the ‘100 best food and drink experiences in the world’.

Its strange and original menu seduced us entirely, from the very names of the spectacularly complicated dishes, such as ‘the frutality of lamb’ or ‘banana bread ice cream’. Eccentric and elegant, it surprises even the most demanding palates, and is one of our favorite places in the world.

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