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  • Melanie Beard

COMO Halkin

The identity of the COMO Hotels and Resorts is forged by capturing the essence of wherever they are located. Their contemporary style, renewed gastronomy, and beautiful sample of the local culture make them a part of each destination. The common factor among the hotels in this collection is subtle luxury and impeccable service, as well as striking touches of modernity and innovation.

In the heart of London we find ourselves entranced by the marvelous COMO Halkin, a beautiful enclosure that reflects the sobriety and elegance of London through a unique proposal. Being in the exclusive Belgravia neighborhood, one of the most beautiful in town, known for its luxurious residential properties, the hotel has great intimacy and proximity to places like Sloane Street, the Piccadilly theaters, Mayfair restaurants, is a short distance from Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, just fifteen minutes from the city center and the Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

The interior design of the hotel was in the hands of the Italian architects Laboratory Associati of Milan, which made every detail play with the balance between practical style and comfort. Inside its Georgian-style brick facade, the spacious interiors are bathed by natural light, and as the central theme of the building is the Space Expansion, we can enjoy the amazing Skyscape mural that decorates the ceiling of the lobby, created by the Italian painter Valentino Vago.

In the hotel there are only 41 suites and rooms, all spacious, comfortable and with an original minimalist decoration, which includes furniture in light tones that convey the feeling of freedom and vast spaces. Here our dreams are clothed in comfortable beds, with Egyptian cotton sheets and sumptuous goose feather pillows, in addition to having exquisite amenities such as Nespresso coffee machine and touch-screen console for lighting and temperature control.

Its contemporary classic style includes marble bathrooms, fine upholstery, and in the COMO Suites located on the third floor we can enjoy a sitting area, private balconies and a long table for six people.

The Spanish restaurant Ametsa with Arzak Instruction has been awarded a Michelin star. The delicate and colorful works of art that serve as dishes contrast with the simple setting of wooden floors and white walls. To enjoy the traditional tea-time, at COMO they serve mouth-watering tapas at the sandwich place as well as a wide variety of beautifully presented desserts. You can choose from a variety of Jing Teas, or even for special occasions a fresh Spanish wine.

Conceived, created, and managed by Christina Ong, the hotel was inaugurated in 1991, and became the symbol of elegance in London, where intimacy is sheltered under the contemporary design.

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