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  • Alexis Beard

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Mandarin Oriental is synonymous with sophistication and a lifestyle that revolves around hedonism and good taste. An exquisite combination of modern design with authentic and original touches, this luxurious hotel chain is a portal to incredible destinations. And such an incredible destination is the mysterious country of Japan.

Japan has a rich, complex and varied history. It is these complexities that have created such a fascinating culture today. Japan has spent centuries vacillating between isolationist tendencies and rapid outward expansion.

Tokyo is immense: it is not considered a single city, but rather a constellation of cities that have grown together. The districts of Tokyo vary enormously according to character, from the electronic rumble of Akihabara to the imperial gardens and sanctuaries of Chiyoda, from the mecca of the hyperactive youth culture of Shibuya to the pottery shops and markets of the Asakusa temples.

Elegant and majestic, the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo hotel rises high above the elegant skyscrapers of the city and modern shops in Nihonbashi. However, its contemporary facade hides a rich heritage. With all the luxury we expect from a Mandarin Oriental, plus a unique flavor that is integrated into the hotel in the city of Tokyo, this is much more than a hotel, it is the perfect representation of the destination where it is located.

Known for its gastronomy, the hotel is home to culinary gems. From his restaurant Siganture of French food, to Sense of Cantonese cuisine and Tapas Molecular Bar where we can enjoy the delicious molecular food that is so fashionable nowadays, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo always seeks to create unique experiences.

The long list of its cuisine continues to suit all tastes and desires, with two Italian restaurants -The Pizza Bar on 38th and K'shiki-, a Mediterranean called Ventaglio, an exquisite Gourmet Shop, an elegant Oriental Lounge and its famous Mandarin Pub.

Two unmissable spaces that we must visit in this wonderful place is the authentic Japanese Sushi Sora restaurant and the unforgettable Sense Tea Corner, where we can enjoy traditional and delicious teas with panoramic views from the 37th floor of the hotel.

Under the watchful eye of talented Executive Sous Chef Nicolas Boujéma, Signature’s enticing menu offers an array of authentic French dishes, subtly prepared with distinctive contemporary flair. Beautifully presented, Chef Nicolas’ delicious dishes are matched by the restaurant’s stunning décor. With dining areas divided by silver partitions fashioned from carbon fibres, sunlight bathes the dining room by day, whilst at night, the glittering city skyline provides the ultimate backdrop for this unforgettable dining experience.

Exuding a fresh and contemporary style, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo creates for us a unique atmosphere, with its excellent technology, renowned spa, innovative restaurants and impeccable service. An 'Oasis in the Sky', this high structure is full of surprises and wonders that fill our stay with moments of pure magic.

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