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  • Melanie Beard

Culinary Excellence in ASAI Kaiseki

In the heart of Polanco, in Emilio Castelar, lies the excellent restaurant ASAI Kaiseki. Traditional and emblematic of real Japanese food, this wonderful place to travel with our senses to Japan and enjoy its delicate and exquisite food.

One of my favorite cuisines is undoubtedly Japanese, but the real Japanese food is not the one we usually know. 'Kaiseki' was the name of the light meal that is served in the typical Japanese tea ceremony. Today it is synonymous with haute cuisine in Japan; it is the true Japanese cuisine, at its best. This type of food can best be enjoyed in ASAI Kaiseki.

In ASAI Kaiseki is the most important component of each dish is the freshness of the products and therefore the menu changes with every season, using the best of the best whenever it is freshest.

Chef Asai, owner of the restaurant, comes from Nagoya in Japan and the culinary art has been his passion since he was little, learning in the kitchen of his mother. Known for his work at the Hyatt Regency Yoshimi restaurant in Mexico City, Asai opted to stay in our country and continue his passion and flair for gastronomy.

In love with many ingredients of Mexican cuisine, the Chef has inserted unique touches to the traditional Kaiseki food, using everything from guacamole to Oaxaca cheese, combining perfectly the delights of Japan and Mexico. My experience in the authentic ASAI Kaiseki restaurant is always one of absolute culinary pleasure, with a every dish transporting me to the other side of the world, enjoying a delicately exquisite and authentic Kaiseki meal.

Private and typical of the luxurious neighborhoods of Japan, ASAI Kaiseki is small and exclusive, with most guests sitting on a long wooden bar, where Chef Yasuo Asai prepares the dishes, serving them directly on our plates.

One of the great pleasures of life is the culinary one. In our vibrant Mexico City we have incredible restaurants, with kitchens from all corners of the world.

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