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  • Alexis Beard

Luxury by the sea

The famous oceanographer, Jacques Yves Cousteau, once said 'The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.'

Such is the case for those of us who have been held captive by the unmeasurable blue of the Mayan Riviera. Here, the soft Caribbean waters grace the white sands of the shore in an never-ending dance.

Nestled along these crystalline waters, we find a unique take on luxury.

The luxury experience has changed drastically in recent years. The new generations and the travelers of today look for experiences, unforgettable and unrepeatable moments that are specially created only for us. This style of exclusivity, where we are part of unforgettable experiences, has transformed the hotel industry around the world, giving a creative and imaginative turn to its creation.

That is why the 'Royal Service' was created - which envelops us in a world of refinement and luxury experiences in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world: Playa del Carmen. The 'Royal Service' of the Perla tower of the Paradisus hotel is discreet, private and with magnificent attention, it takes us by the hand to enjoy unique moments.

From the Jacuzzi on the stunning terrace of my suite, I allow the changing colors of the sea to steal my breath. A few minutes later my personal Butler, Ángel, appears as if by magic, with a surprise; the restaurant's chef Bana noticed how much I loved his hamachi and eel nigiris and he sent an extravagant order to my room. Again I my breath stolen, these are unimaginable details that remain forever reflected in my memory, creating in my heart a constant desire to return to this Eden.

Lovers of haute cuisine can live here the magnificent experience of tasting the cuisine of chef Martín Berasategui, with seven Michelin stars, who brings his world-famous cuisine to Playa del Carmen in the restaurant Passion. A glamorous and ideal environment for intimate conversations, with an unforgettable culinary experience, this exquisite restaurant revives the classic elegance of the service of yesteryear: white gloves, a synchronized dance of waiters and a magnificent selection of drinks and wines take us back in time.

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