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  • Melanie Beard

A Bespoke Experience

The art of creating spectacular culinary experiences is one that is carried in the blood. Great chefs and restaurateurs have within them a deep love for haute cuisine, for creating instants of magic through food. This love is present in each of the magnificent dishes of Chef Cesar Pérez de Anda in the wonderful restaurant Bespoke in St. Regis Shanghai Jingan.

He creates in Bespoke fine contemporary cuisine based on seasonal ingredients. The menus are specially curated by the Chef to offer lovers of high gastronomy a memorable culinary experience, with nuances and evolutionary flavors in each dish. Every bite in this unforgettable dinner transports us to worlds of pleasure.

Chef César, of Mexican origin and with incredible years of experience behind him - like the time he spent working in the kitchen of the famous Noma restaurant - has a unique talent. Cesar creates magnificent delicacies and traditional dishes with special touches, like his foie gras whose perfection was my undoing.

The St. Regis hotels are internationally recognized for their magnificent cuisine and they are always the stage for jewels from the culinary world to create extraordinary experiences. The hotel in Shanghai Jingan is also a haven of refined taste, sophistication, classical elegance, and the acclaimed service of St. Regis.

In the magnificent residences of the hotel, on the 62nd floor, breathtaking panoramic views of Jingan in Shanghai steal our breath. This beautiful area is the heart of the massive city, where the best restaurants are found and where the nights come alive with music, people, and the bustle of the vibrant metropolis.

St. Regis Shanghai Jingan is one of the magnificent skyscrapers that rise to the clouds in this hyper-modern city. This magnificent construction redefines elegance and luxury, two words that have become faithful companions of this renowned hotel chain.

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