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  • Melanie Beard

The Masterpiece of Singapore

Good taste and refinement have taken ahold of one of the most spectacular locations in all Singapore. A renovated row of heritage trading houses Tanjong Pagar, the island city-state’s central district and the eclectic heart of Chinatown, has become the fascinating boutique hotel Six Senses Duxton. The first city-hotel belonging to this prestigious luxury chain, this architectural marvel rises the bar in the world of design. Sustainably restored under the gifted hand of acclaimed British designer, Anouska Hempel, the original design of this Urban Redevelopment Authority Architectural Heritage awarded building features a diverse mix of Chinese, Malay and European elements.

Gold, black and yellow are the colors that dominate the innovative and seductive design of the hotel. The historic environment and rich heritage that surrounds this wonderful boutique hotel delves into the very walls of its refined structure. Asian and European works of art, as well as pieces of living history –like a replica of an eighteenth-century legal agreement– inspire us to venture through its corridors, discovering a jewel at every moment.

During the design and development of Six Senses Duxton, great care was taken in the recreation of the hotel and sustainability was always in mind. Taking into account the heat and humidity of Singapore, insulated glazing has been applied to ensure that the energy consumption is reduced.

A masterpiece, it is the result of the vast hotel experience of the prestigious Six Senses hotel chain and the unmistakable flavor of this remote corner of the planet. Immersing ourselves in the culture of the area where it is located, Six Senses Duxton engages us in authentic activities, such as consultations with a traditional Chinese medicine doctor or tea appreciation classes at the Yixing Xuan Teahouse, a few minutes walk from the hotel.

In its Yellow Pot Restaurant the vibrant color of gold occupies the central place of its refined surroundings, where a menu of authentic and innovative Chinese cuisine is offered. To one side there is an antiquarian-themed bar that serves Escape To Kaifeng, the exclusive cocktail of the hotel that, with Tanqueray gin and crowned with a yellow chrysanthemum, has become a classic for those who seek to fall in love with this fascinating country.

An exotic collection of cultures and traditions, the intriguing country of Singapore is divided into two: the world above the clouds –where the skyscrapers dance among stars– and the whimsical labyrinth of its streets, full of life, aromas, and music. A futuristic nation of contrasts, this intoxicating kaleidoscope of colors, languages, and flavors is a destination with an almost magnetic force of attraction, which pulls us and immerses us in its magic, clinging to our skin and leaving its mark on our senses.

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