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  • Melanie Beard

Into the Tetons

Located in places of unparalleled beauty, the destinations of Aman are steeped in quiet simplicity and offer a wealth of unprecedented opportunities for exploration and discovery, whether on UNESCO World Heritage sites, beaches white sand, in vibrant cities or among the striking peaks of the Grand Teton mountains, where serenity reigns and every moment is pure magic.

From the moment we enter the sanctuary of luxury and refinement that is Amangani we realize that we are immersing ourselves in a world of unique refinement, where the natural beauty that surrounds us blends subtly and becomes part of the resort, creating bonds between each moment of our stay and the magic of the fascinating destination that is Jackson Hole.

A striking floor-to-ceiling windows welcomes us, an impressive valley at our feet and the imposing mountains as a backdrop, giving us the feeling of being in a fantasy world, where the surreal comes alive and reality becomes something ephemeral, indescribable. Covered with snow in winter, full of living vegetation in summer, the extraordinary landscape at the foot of the Teton Mountains is unique in the world.

Amangani, meaning "peaceful home," is located on the moose and elk trails, a gateway to the wonders of the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. With an elevation of 2,135 meters, here we are at the top of the world, in the heart of a destination full of adventure, beauty and majestic views.

This earthly paradise is located on the edge of East Gros Ventre Butte in Jackson Hole, a valley surrounded by high mountains in Wyoming. With a ski area that is among the best in North America and two national parks nearby, Jackson Hole is in an ideal position to take advantage of the region's outdoor activities in all four seasons. Alpine skiing is complemented by nature walks and guided tours, as well as other unusual options: heli-skiing, dog sledding, rafting, fly fishing, photography tours and more. In addition, wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the year are unforgettable experiences and we can see moose, wolves, bears and deer.

The large Amangani spa, with four treatment rooms, two exercise studios and steam rooms, offers a variety of rejuvenating treatments and holistic programs. From its pool and outdoor Jacuzzi I let myself once again be struck by the natural beauty that surrounds me. On the edge of a mountain, this relaxing space of the hotel would seem to belong to another world.

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