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  • Alexis Beard

Fine Dining in Jackson Hole

Gastronomy is the most pleasant art that exists, it transports us through the senses to the corners of the world, it causes us incomparable emotions, it excites us, it captivates us, it fascinates us.

This art has been the driving force behind the passionate creation of Fine Dining Restaurant Group, a group owned and managed by restaurateurs Gavin Fine and Roger Freedman. Fine Dining Restaurant Group is known throughout the Jackson Hole Valley in Wyoming for its excellent service, delicious cuisine and the ability to generate first-class dining experiences, making its restaurants popular culinary destinations for both visitors and locals .

One of the jewels of the group is located a few steps from the City Square in Jackson Hole: Bin22, the main wine bar of the destination, a bottle shop and a specialized supermarket with a unique concept.

Inspired by the time he spent in Tuscany and throughout Europe, the owner and Sommelier Gavin Fine imagined the concept of Bin22 as a way to offer something different in the culinary scene of Jackson Hole: a small wine shop, a grocery store And a tapas bar. This inspiration, together with his desire to personalize the experience of buying wine for guests, is manifested in the intimate space of Bin22.

Located on the hillside, at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, it is located in the intimate and rustic Il Villaggio Osteria. A restaurant reminiscent of the comfortable places that dot the Italian countryside, the Osteria felt as if we had traveled to one of Italy's hidden gems, all without the jetlag.

A salumi bar, a pizza oven and a cozy main dining room combine with perfection to complement the authentic menus of the extensive menu, while an outdoor fireplace is heated during the cold Wyoming nights. Osteria presents an appetizing menu, consisting of homemade pastas and pizzas, seasonal salads and meats and cheeses imported from the world's finest suppliers.

The restaurant's talented chef, José Luis Beristain, is originally from Tlaxcala and moved to Jackson in 2005, when he was 15 years old. His introduction to the culinary world began as a young child, when his passion for food was carried out through educational experiences. As an adult, Luis encouraged his talent by working for Atelier Ortega and in the kitchen of Il Villaggio Osteria.

Luis has been part of the Fine Dining family for many years, working until he reached the Executive Chef of Il Villaggio Osteria in 2018. Luis's talent and creativity are evident in everything he does. It is this outlet for creativity that inspires Luis, which leads him to create inspired dishes that honor traditional Italian techniques and flavors.

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