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  • Melanie Beard

Fiery Questions Ignite Puebla

The moment of truth has arrived to Puebla… Every year during these dates something spectacular happens in this beautiful and historic city: a festival of brilliant minds called La Ciudad de Las Ideas, The City of Ideas. Three days of magnificent conferences, artistic interventions, exciting debates, and spaces of art and imagination, this wonderful event makes us doubt everything we know and ask dangerous questions. This 2018 the festival was called 'The Burning Questions' and we delighted in the discovery and exploration of ideas and concepts that burn.

A unique event and magnificently achieved, The City of Ideas was created by Andrés Roemer, renowned for being a professional and timely communicator, and his social responsibility has led him to expand his gifts beyond the print media and the TV. Being a man of action with a brilliant mind he has created proposals that have shaped our reality, such as the City of Ideas, an event that brings to Mexico some of the most curious minds in the world. This festival is an example of the vision that Andres has about our country, which he considers a source of creativity in a wide range of industries.

This year ‘Burning Questions’ was an extraordinary success. On its third and final date the audience was awed by the festival’s highlight: the debate. The Burning Question behind it was: Should we tolerate intolerance? Nadine Strossen, Frank Furedi, Brendan O’Neill y Zachary Wood were in favor and Ariel Gelblung, Axel Kaiser, Sergio Sarmiento y Miguel Carbonell estuvieron were against in this heated, exciting and doubt-inducing moment of intellectual combat.

The stimulating days culminated in the enjoinment of the wonders that has put Puebla on the map for avid travelers. Amongst the small cobbled streets of its city center an antique marvel awaits us: Mesón Sacristía. This boutique hotel, authentically Mexican, is an old colonial building. In the historic heart of Puebla, the Callejón de los Sapos, this is a portal to the past and the culinary art of this region of Mexico.

Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía appears from the outside like a picturesque colonial building with its typical terraces and its heavy wooden doors. Full of antiques, its interior transports us to the old days of the City of Angels. The decoration of the interiors combines rustic furniture and beautiful antique objects, magnificently preserved. Puebla talavera tiles with gold leaf are used to frame the doors and each room has been individually decorated with antiques, creating a fascinating and unique environment.

A beautiful and authentic space, the hotel is part of Tesoros de Mexico. Endorsed by the government of the Republic, this is a magnificent collection of Mexican hotels that represent the luxury of what is 'made in Mexico'. Spaces of heritage, history, tradition, design, and authenticity, the hotels that through their excellence achieve the recognition of belonging to Tesoros de Mexico represent the true jewels of the country. Members of the prestigious private club Marcas de Lujo Asociadas by American Express, Tesoros de Mexico seeks to promote and encourage the culture of luxury and good living in the country.

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