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Il Borro

Far away from the frenetic hustle of the tourist hordes that flock the Italian beaches and cities beats the country’s most seductive heart, teeming with winding roads and medieval villages transformed into eternal jewels.

Il Borro, which belongs to the Ferragamo family, is an estate of culture and architectural elegance, doted with that sensible harmony of majestic past and carefully built beauty. Even nowadays, it boasts medieval features. Remnants in the walls reveal that, around the year 1000, Il Borro was once a castle surrounded by walls and towers, located in the rode that once joined Arrezo and Fiesole en the Etruscan Roman era.

Both the medieval village and the estate called Il Borro have been restored with utmost care to offer the hospitality of rural Tuscany to an endless variety of travelers. They have achieved in keeping the typical lifestyle of the area, with barns, refuges and small villages.

It was on a hunting day in 1985 that Ferrucio Ferragamo fell in love with Il Borro, which belonged in that time to the Duke Amedeo D’Aosta.

For years, the Ferragamo family used to rent the Tuscan estate with all its villas and houses, until in 1993 they finally had the opportunity to buy the whole property, including the village in ruins and the great villa that had been partially destroyed by a bomb during the Second World War.

This piece of paradise has been kept alive by the geniality and passion of Ferruccio Ferragamo who, along with his son Salvatore, has undertaken the great effort of rebuilding and maintaining the patrimony of Il Borro. It nowadays belong to the prestigious collection of Relais & Chateau, a group is known for its extremely strict admission standards.

The rebirth of wine production in Il Borro began in 1995. Ferruccio and Salvatore Ferragamo used all the knowledge and agricultural experience of the region to make magnificent wines that reflect the essence of Il Borro, after an extensive analysis of the terrain to choose the grapes that would be planted in each parcel.

Tuscany is a region rich in genuine flavours and aromas, as well as the birthplace of fine wine, olive oil and delicious artisanal bread. At Il Borro we tasted amazing wines and dishes, within this beautiful property, located at the foot of the Pratomagno and between the rolling hills along the river Arno.

The more mysterious a good wine is, the more it makes us think of music and the harder it is to describe its many aromas and tastes.

Besides wine, the forest that have surrounded the estate since the Middle Ages offer another precious resource: olive trees. In this land of great monasteries, olive oil and wine have been crucial to the development of Christian civilization and its rituals. The estate has more than five thousand olives that each year produce a robust extra virgin olive oil.

Il Borro can bets be described in Salvatore Ferragamo's own words: “Today, those that visit Il Borro live the great experience of a Renaissance picture that has been brought back to life.”

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