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InterContinental Le Grand

France’s beautiful capital received the name ‘City of Lights’ for being the first city in Europe to illuminate its streets and buildings with electric light. It’s one of the most visited cities in the world, courtesy of its long history, rich culture, and exquisite gastronomy that makes it into the ultimate destination for travelers.

Thousands of tourists, lured in by fantastic monuments like the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre-Dame Cathedral or the Tour Eiffel, or by the amazing pieces of art housed in the Louvre Museum, resort to this fascinating city to allow themselves to be seduced by the bustling of Parisian life. It is a city of love, of lights, of culture, art, gastronomy, and a vast and enchanting history.

Located in the heart of Paris, the InterContinental Paris Le Grand is a five-star hotel that epitomizes the historic splendor of the city. With striking views of the Ópera de Paris, it is also within walking distance of Galeries Lafayette, the Edward VII Theatre, Place de la Concorde and the Palais Royal.

InterContinental Paris Le Grand is the home of the famous Café de la Paix, where resides the most delicious onion soup of France. A symbol of French cuisine, Café de la Paix is decorated in the classical style of the Second Empire, holding on to its glorious past and at the same time offering excellent French food. It was declared a historical site by the French government in 1975.

Crossing the threshold of this historical building, now renovated, is walking into a world of golden and scarlet exuberance. InterContinental Paris is clad in the vibrant colors of the Ópera de Paris, built a few years after the hotel, with which it shares numerous memories, along with a few secrets.

Nestled in a winter garden of 800 square meters, the hotel was inaugurated in May 1862, and was last restored in the year 2003. InterContinental Paris Le Grand has 470 rooms, a gym with a sauna, massage rooms, and two restaurants, the Café de la Paix and La Verriere.

Beyond the luxury and elegance, the hotel’s most appealing element is its location, for it offers a panoramic view of the Ópera de Paris, as well as being close to most mayor tourist attractions, such as the Louvre Museum.

A hotel that incarnates the historical beauty of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, InterContinental Le Grand is a monument to the glory and culture of France.

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