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Shahpura Bagh

This is timeless Rajasthan, unchanged in its unpretentious natural grandeur. Looking beyond the beaten track amid the golden sands of Rajasthan we can glimpse an oasis; a dazzling shimmer of sunshine on water that hovers on the edge of a mirage. The perfect setting for the perfect resort: Shahpura Bagh.

A beautiful white building amidst green vegetation, Shahpura Bagh prides itself on providing an authentic home stay experience in Rajasthan. A place where life is unhurried, days spent here are filled with sunshine, picnics, fishing, boating on the lakes, and blazing sunsets.

With its unique location, the resort gives us the opportunity for spontaneous excursions, adventures into the history of the region through neighboring forts and legends. Luxurious and authentic, the hotel dates back to the early 1900’s, when Rajadhiraj Nahar Singh of Shahpura mortgaged the family’s private property and jewels to bring water to his people.

Today, the lakes he created form the heart of a verdant wetland refuge; historic, picturesque, tranquil. The resort inhabits an idyllic setting, where man and nature have come to understand each other. Here travelers, since time immemorial, have always stopped to rest and refresh themselves.

Situated midway between Jaipur and Udaipur and easily accessible from hotels in Udaipur, Ranthambore and Jodhpur, Shahpura Bagh is still the residence of the rulers of Shahpura. This 120-year-old oasis is where the Shahpura family became famous for their warmth and hospitality.

A haven for all kinds of travelers, Shahpura is particularly perfect for food-lovers. Herr we can take our pick from authentic home-cooked Rajasthani food prepared over wood fire, or continental and traditional meals, tempered to suit our palate. One of the best tables in Rajasthan with refined homemade recipes collected through several generations is found in this amazing resort.

The Head cook has prepared delicious dished for three generations of the family and has been trained in some of the best hotels of Jodhpur . He is supported by assistants who have apprenticed with luxury hotels in Jodhpur and specialize in Tandoori cuisine.

As well as excellent cuisine, Shahpura Bagh offers great accommodation. The hotel has just five Royal Suites and four Suites ensuring a highly personalized experience. Each Suite has been individually designed with a different color, achieving the perfect balance of space, luxury and comfort with a “minimalistic approach”.

Handmade Kilms, and old Kashmiri carpets provide color to the otherwise starkly ultra-smooth white lime plaster floors. The rooms are adorned with antique paintings and photographs belonging to the family for generations.

An impressive white mansion, Shahpura Bagh allows travelers to immerse ourselves in the magic of Rajasthan, living an authentic experience not found elsewhere in the world.

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