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  • Melanie Beard

Castello Banfi

From Castelo Banfi in Tuscany you can explore the culture, art, wine, and excellence of Italian cuisine. Perched on top of a hill in Val D'Orcia is located Banfi di Castello, a hotel and vineyard of unparalleled beauty and taste. With the goal of making wine an art, Banfi combines tradition with the most modern technology when producing its marvelous wines, materializing the dream envisioned the Mariani brothers.

Their passion has been mixed over the years with the taste of the varietals grown in vineyards of Montalcino, Chianti, Piedmont, and the Tuscany coast. The vineyards stretch over ochres and arid lands that provide them with high quality wines, whose taste has marked a before and after in the wine tradition of the region.

With its dedication to pursuing excellence through research and continuous improvement, Banfi winery has intrinsically tied itself to the territory of Montalcino and now beyond to Strevi and Piedmont. When John F. Mariani, family proprietor and now Chairman Emeritus of Banfi, inaugurated Castello Banfi winery in 1984, he declared, “It is our fondest desire that this project will be good for the people of Montalcino, good for Italy, good for America, good for all people who love fine wine.”

Staying true to these words, Castello Banfi has become one of the world’s most unique research plantations, with 25 years of clonal research, soil and hydration studies, nitrogen bottle pioneering, and research into French limousin oak. Findings from these studies have been generously shared with the wine-making community at large.

Additionally, Castello Banfi is the first winery in the world to be awarded international recognition for exceptional environmental, ethical and social responsibility as well as an international leader in customer satisfaction.

This commitment to improving the standards in the vineyard and at the winery has enabled Castello Banfi to produce world-class wines that deliver a consistent experience to consumers at exceptional values – from its Brunello di Montalcino.

The winery of Castello Banfi has become a hallmark of hospitality and cuisine of Tuscany, which includes a classic taverna, an enoteca, a private museum of glassware, balmy wineries, winery tours, and the extraordinary five-star Borgo with its luxury rooms and suites.

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