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A Miami Guide for Food Lovers

One of the most important elements in a trip is the food. Living new, different and exquisite dining experiences is essential, allowing us to better understand the culture while losing ourselves in sensory pleasures.

When searching for great culinary experiences, Miami is definitely the place to start looking. A gastronomical destination in its own right, it is home to some of the most amazing restaurants in our hemisphere.

The search begins in Bal Harbour, this sophisticated luxury enclave where Miami’s high society wines, dines, and shops.

Bal Harbour Shops recently was named as the number one shopping center in the world for its productivity. Its luxurious outdoor stores are a paradise for fashion lovers and travelers.

The Makoto restaurant, located in the heart Bal Harbour Shops is one of the most recognized hot spots of Miami. Its vibrant atmosphere, with its dim light, minimalist decor and good music, fuses perfectly with its exquisite cuisine.

From wonderful maki to Wagyu carpaccio, fried tuna and a delicious selection of sake rice, this famous establishment with innovative dishes transports us to the heart of Japan.

Makoto’s wonderful chef was recognized in 2005 by the James Beard Foundation for his amazing contributions to gastronomy. The place is not just a trendy concept but a true temple to contemporary Japanese cuisine.

With over 20 years of experience, the chef Makoto Okuwa has developed his own version of Japanese cuisine, where Edomae-Sushi tradition blends with the innovative. Chef Makoto’s venture into the complexities of Japanese cuisine, especially sushi, began in the city of Nagoya, Japan. Today he is renowned for his creativity and the delicacy of his dishes. In his namesake restaurant in Bal Harbour, Makoto continues to evolve with his exquisitely presented dishes that make playful tribute to Japanese tradition.

On the second floor of Bal Harbour, The Grill at Bar Harbour is the perfect combination of outstanding American food and a modern and chic atmosphere. This new addition to the collection conceived and designed by Hillstone Restaurant Group hotel occupies a new space in Bal Harbour Shops, where the restaurant seems to float on Collins Avenue. It offers a typical view of Miami: slender palm trees, blue sky, and a parade of people. In addition to an indoor island bar, a separate outdoor bar and patio lounge provide opportunities to relax. The Grill at Bal Harbour continues in the line of other Hillstone restaurants by including museum caliber works of art in contemporary yet warm spaces.

From its impressive open kitchen come classic American dishes with a touch of the sublime, which transforms each bite into culinary experience. Among the best in its menu is the Tuna Tartare, the Grill's Cheeseburger and a selection of USDA Prime steaks. And my super favorite dish: the Thai Salad and Noodles, an explosion of flavors. This time, I also tried the ribs and their Hawaiian steak – two must haves that blew my mind away.

Faithful the culinary tradition of an American Grill, the Grill at Bal Harbour has mastered the art of simple perfection. Each dish is carefully crafted, elegantly paired, and constructed in such a way that we will always want to come back for more.

And to end on a high note, we have the Cantina Veinte in Brickell. Yes, it is the same Cantina Veinte we know and love in Mexico, owned by Mexico's largest hospitality company, Cinbersol Group S.A., who spent more than $ 14 million to buy the real-estate and transform the space into an art deco hideaway that has been rocking the restaurant scene in Miami.

The No. 20, like any good Cantina, is neither a restaurant nor a bar. It is a place where you eat well, drink well and have a great time. It is versatile, a perfect fit both for the social and the business scene. The perfect place to dream and talk in a casually, but with good service, good food and good atmosphere.

Respecting the richness of the flavors and techniques of traditional cuisine, the emblematic dishes from the Mexico City cantinas are expertly crafted and enriched with original, sophisticated touches. They also have more than 100 labels of Mexican wines and the best recommendations for pairing with dishes.

Every cantina is a cultural expression of the place where it is found. Gastronomy-wise, La Cantina No.20 has an extensive menu of Mexican Cuisine dishes, offering representative creations from each state of the country, with traditional techniques and recipes (handmade tortilla, sauces made in a molcajete ), along with avant-garde techniques such as vacuum cooking, spherification, foam, etc. They constantly update their menu with new and top quality ingredients. In short, it is an exceptional culinary experience, with flavors and delicacies that blow our minds, set in a hip, lively atmosphere in a hip and lively city.

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