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Vignamaggio, Tuscany

Laying on the hills where the Greve River arises and splits, set among cypresses and streams, Vignamaggio offers top quality accommodation in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with rooms, apartments and suites in the farmhouses and Renaissance villa.

Vignamaggio is woven into a countryside landscape, among forests, vineyards and ancient hamlets scattered about over the surrounding hills.

You could lose yourself here, in the valleys coloured pink by the summer sunsets, with the cicadas your only company.

From the shade of the cypresses your gaze may follow the swallows as they fly, you might stroll among the olive trees and you will experience a few days of serenity in complete harmony with nature.

Vignamaggio offers its guests a range of independent apartments, each varying in size and layout, in the farmhouses around the villa.

Once the homes of the sharecroppers, these ancient farmhouses nestled in the farmland, represent the typical traditional Tuscan house with architectural elements like stone walls, terracotta floors and in the top floor rooms, exposed wooden roof beams. Some of the units have private outdoor space or a little cosy garden and they accommodate 2 to 4 people and are ideal for families.

Vignamaggio’s villa is the heart of the estate, a Renaissance treasure chest, built around a romantic internal courtyard and surrounded by splendid Italian gardens in the spaces between the forest and rows of cypresses.

Built in 1300 by the Gherardini family, Vignamaggio is traditionally the birthplace of Monna Lisa Gherardini, the famous “Gioconda” painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The villa’s rooms are characterised by a superior level of comfort, refined decor and antique Tuscan furniture.

About two kilometres from Vignamaggio lies Case all’Orto, an old farm surrounded by fruit trees and once renowned for its vegetables.

Settled on the green Montagliari plain, on a route enjoyed by hiking enthusiasts, Case all’Orto has been faithfully restored, retaining its original structure.

The interior fittings chosen by Vignamaggio are exclusively Italian brands: Artemide, Signorini and Flaminia. The interiors are furnished with local antiques and the homestead is a picture of cheerfulness and tranquillity on the banks of the river, perfect for anyone who enjoys wide open spaces in nature.

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