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  • Melanie Beard

Cala de Mar

The stage is set: waves crash against the cliff-side, seagulls fly overhead, the dazzling sun shines down on the villa’s pool, its reflection creating amazing patterns of light on the thatched roof, the smell of sea salt intermingles with that of fresh coffee… all that is left for me to do is lay on the hammock overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and reflect.

This is a place to pause, to allow the world to stop, leaving real life concerns suspended, waiting for us to decide when they can return to our minds. And this pause, this moment, is pure bliss.

Cala de Mar Resort & Spa Ixtapa, formerly Capella Ixtapa, is a sanctuary for the senses, where every moment is filled with a deep feeling of pure peace. This weekend I got carried away by the inexplicable charm and magic of this magnificent resort in Ixtapa.

Located on the shores of the Mexican Pacific Ocean, built on a cliff with magnificent views of the sea, Cala de Mar is blessed with an average of 300 sunny days. Here every hour and every minute passes by gently, as if caressing us on their way.

Each of its magnificent rooms has a terrace and private pool, with stunning views of the restless sea – drastic rocks are scattered over its deep-blue surface, where noisy white waves break, sending up foam that glitters in the intense sunlight.

A private beach, secluded and secretive, awaits us at the feet of the hotel, accessible via paths that cut through vegetation. Down there the waves are surprisingly soft, almost sleepy. This is a spot of supreme peace, a place of quiet, a place of contemplation.

We all know that there is no place more relaxing than the beach. With our feet in the sand and our mind in the clouds, one finds oneself again. This is what its like in Cala de Mar.

This unbelievable luxury hotel, epitome of what Mexico has to offer, is a proud member of Preferred Hotels. Preferred Hotels & Resorts in the largest independent hotel portfolio in the world. To speak about their hotels is to speak about subtle luxury and a clear understanding of precisely what travelers like to be pamper with.

Each of its 650 hotels, resorts and residences are grouped into its five global collections in 85 countries and meet the high quality standards and service levels required by the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Integrated Quality Assurance Program. They are places that connect demanding travelers with luxurious experiences that satisfy all preferences and lifestyles.

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