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  • Melanie Beard

Bubble time!

The system of SodaStream transforms simple water into something extraordinary.

A small machine, elegant in its simplicity, converts flat water into sparkling water right before our eyes. SodaStream doesn’t need to be connected to a source of power… we press a button and immediately find ourselves enjoying this delicious treat.

Thanks to its CO2 tank, SodaStream creates sparkling water in a manner of seconds. With this innovative product we have the flexibility to create our own carbonated drinks, adjusting the amount and size of the bubbles in accordance to our personal taste.

Also, this cute little machine is what is now called ‘Earth Friendly’. Each home throws away an average of 5,000 plastic bottles a year; a single SodaStream machine substitutes more than 15,000 bottles. This is how SodaStream supports the environment and fights for a better future for our planet.

Winner of the Dot Award for design, the model of SodaStream that I have at home is called ‘Source’ and with small LED lights it indicates the size and quantity that I am adding to the water. From small and playful to abundant and heavy, I can choose my preferred bubbles every time.

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