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  • Melanie Beard

Gateway to Japan: Onomura Nigiri Bar

A unique restaurant, whose wonderful cuisine makes us fall in love with Japanese cuisine, Onomura Nigiri Bar surprised me with its excellence.

Unique in Mexico City, this Nigiri Bar combines a modern and contemporary design with typical Japanese touches and a long bar where we can observe sushi chefs creating their culinary works of art. Light and dark wood tones complement this magical space, with its beautiful terrace and unique atmosphere.

This exquisite portal to the heart of Japan opened its doors a few months ago in Mexico City. Transporting us through the senses, this gastronomic jewel delights us in authentic dishes, created with fresh ingredients by talented chefs, coming from restaurants like Nobu and Makoto.

During my culinary experience in this beautiful restaurant I enjoyed delicious and original dishes such as tuna nigiris with foie gras powder, salmon nigiris with black truffle, rolls of delicate wagyu meat, tastings of fresh sashimis, shishito peppers, and various delicacies.

‘Onomura’ means ‘meeting place’ and the philosophy of sharing a space and enjoying the high gastronomy together with our loved ones is the guiding thread that has ensured the early success of this exquisite restaurant. In addition to the excellent gastronomic selection of its menu, in Onomura Nigir Bar I delighted in the perfect service and attentions of its wonderful staff.

The captivating and beautiful country of Japan stayed secluded from the world for centuries, its interesting culture and the special way of thinking of its people was for many years a secret. Today our curiosity for this exotic country continues and in Mexico we enjoy the best representations of its culture: Japanese restaurants. Onomura Nigiri Bar is one of these jewels.

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