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  • Melanie Beard

A Taste of Rome: GALEA

A culinary Eden, Galea reflects a lifestyle where hedonism is king and we are the spectators of a unique gastronomic work of art. In the heart of Mexico City, this unique restaurant redefines our vision of Italian food.

An authentic unique culinary hotspot, this magnificent restaurant is the magical result of more than 20 years of experience in the hotel and restaurant industry of a group passionate about living well and creating memorable gastronomic experiences. Galea immerses us in an atmosphere of sophistication and hedonism; its interior design was created by Pascal Arquitectos.This firm founded 42 years ago and dedicated to developing architectural projects in high-end hotels and restaurants, seeks to create a casual and welcoming environment through the use of light wood, black metal and the enhancement of shapes.

With a subtle handling of indirect lighting and mirrors used to create an illusion of spaciousness, a sophisticated and warm atmosphere is generated that surprises us. The bar is presented as a visual highlight of great intensity in tiles with shades of gray and copper. The outdoor terrace is integrated with the experience of enjoying the atmosphere of the beautiful Roma neighborhood with a profuse management of vegetation.

In this beautiful restaurant I enjoyed the culinary art of executive chef Rafael Zaga. After 10 years of collaborating as Sous Chef in the “Marea” restaurant (with 2 Michelin stars) in New York, Rafael decided to share his innovative vision within the gastronomic world in Mexico City.

Opting for an Italian, modern and contemporary twist, incorporating Mediterranean and French techniques into the menu he presents to us, he creates excellent dishes here: I had the pleasure of tasting delicacies such as burrata with pesto and candied tomatoes and millefeuille of sweet potatoes with Sardinian pecorino and nugget gremolata, and spectacular pastas such as farfalle with lamb and pistachio, and garganelli with mushrooms and cashew nuts.

To finish with a golden ribbon, we put ourselves in the hands of pastry chef Michelle Catarata. Born in the United States with Filipino roots, Michelle ran the pastry programs at the award-winning Sorella Restaurant in New York, paving her way to work at the NoMad Hotel in New York (with 1 Michelin star) under the leadership of renowned Chef Daniel Humm. From there she joins the “Marea” restaurant in New York (with 2 Michelin stars) as Executive Sous Chef and now at Galea she surprises us with delicious and original creations.

A journey though the senses, each and every gastronomic experience in Galea is a revelation and an inspiration, transfixing our minds and souls in the authenticity and exquisiteness of every work of art that is served on our plate.


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