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Peninsula Beijing

Among the most iconic buildings of Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace, stands an elegant and majestic structure that has become a symbol of luxury hotels in the capital of China: The Hotel Beijing Peninsula.

The icon of luxury in Beijing, the capital of China, The Peninsula Hotel has been and always will be a pioneer in this eclectic city. Luxurious, extravagant and with an unmistakable style, this magnificent hotel has been a landmark of Beijing for several years.

After a magnificent renovation, The Peninsula is the only hotel of only suites in the city. Exuberant and generous with its luxury and elegance, entering into its high and imposing sculpture means getting lost in the beauty of its marble floors and stairs, in its works of art and in its renowned restaurants.

Here, we can enjoy culinary wonders in its famous restaurant Jing.

Jing Restaurant sports a unique architecture that blends western elegance with both traditional and modern Chinese touches. The 'chef's table' is at the same time inside and outside the kitchen, behind heavy metal doors. Here, at a round and private table, the most exclusive dinners in Beijing take place.

From the continuously growing 'farm to table' concept, Jing Restaurant delights us with exquisite dishes with western-inspired touches in an elegant ambience that evokes a mystical Chinese garden.

The restaurant's kitchen works with more than 20 carefully selected farms near Beijing, all certified by the Chinese or American government and visited regularly to ensure the quality of the ingredients.

These local producers supply traceable vegetables and fruits, produced sustainably and predominantly organic, on a seasonal basis. Unmissable, their cuts of meat are delicious and of the highest quality; In all of Beijing, only here we can find Wagyu M9 + meat.

During a magnificent dinner, each dish is a treat and total pleasure. The Jing restaurant reflects the philosophy of the Beijing Peninsula; It is a magnificent place of sophistication, exclusivity, pleasure and magic.

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