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Culinary delights in the Golden Land

The mysterious country of Myanmar is widely known as "The Golden Land" because of its glistening pagodas. Nowadays, it is still an exotic and intact tourist destination where the landscape is dotted with golden temples and where traditional Burmese architecture prevails.

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is an exotic mix of British colonial architecture, modern buildings and ancient Buddhist pagodas. A vibrant city where the past and the present share the same air, this mysterious capital intrigues and seduces us with its complex history, dazzling culture and energetic way of life. At its heart lies the striking Shwedagon Pagoda, golden and bright under the powerful sun of Southeast Asia.

Yangon has now become a culinary destination, courtesy of Chef Felix Eppisser.

His restaurant, SEEDS Restaurant & Lounge, is the gateway to explore the excellent contemporary cuisine of downtown Yangon, located directly on the waters of Lake Inya. The restaurant is a creation of the Swiss chef Michelin Star, Felix Eppisser, and his wife Lucia Eppisser; It is the result of his journey in culinary life, a continuous journey of inspiration, creativity, exchange and love.

The breathtaking views of the lake from the privacy of this romantic, light-filled restaurant offer guests the space to breathe, rest and enjoy an extraordinary dining experience.

SEEDS restaurant is located on the shores of the lake in a traditional Yangon house that has been modernized and renovated with the innovative use of bamboo and glass, to create an environment that becomes one with its lush, green and tropical garden setting from the lake.

The setting is extraordinary, the decoration exquisite. In this large restaurant, every detail is tailor-made, from the artworks plastered on the walls to the hand-painted umbrellas nestled daintily against the large paneled glass.

Chef Felix's cuisine is based on natural products from local, organic and sustainable suppliers. His creations are light and pure, based on the personal lifestyle of Felix and Lucia, with a strong focus on health.

Respecting its European roots, the kitchen combines traditional and innovative European techniques with local Asian ingredients, carefully presented and refined with an incredible attention to detail. The essence and the heart of each dish is the use of high quality products imbued with passion for a range of vivid flavors.

A mixture of romanticism, innovation and a great passion for the magnificent country of Myanmar, SEEDS Restaurant & Lounge is part of Secret Tables, an offshoot of Secret Retreats, this amazing collection of boutique hotels that capture the vibrant soul of Asia. Secret Tables is a collection of independent restaurants that introduce us to culinary wonders and to personally selected spaces with fundamental values that include sustainability, fair salaries and professional careers for local youth. Prepared by chefs always present and passionate who take pride in what they do, each of the restaurants that are part of Secret Tables serves creative cuisine made with local and seasonal ingredients that reveal the true essence of Asian flavors.

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