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  • Melanie Beard

Luxurious Heaven in Puebla

Vestiges of a residence of nuns and a mosaic factory tell us the history of Puebla through its walls, fountains and elegant rooms. A refined portal to the past, the Cartesian Hotel is the magical result of the mix between contemporary and classic, history and present, fantasy and reality.

A space of art, design and beauty without equal in the city, the Cartesian is a hotel where contemporary luxury is mixed with beautiful colonial references and intriguing, seductive spaces; Here we can enjoy botanical gardens by Pedro Pablo, or sculptures like "Construyendo bajo la lluvia" by Paloma Torres.

Its two buildings date back to the 18th century, together with a modern central building that redefines luxury in Puebla. Pioneer, daring and avant-garde, it is between its walls, mirrors of water and works of art that is driven to this fascinating destination like never before. A city rich in heritage, culture and traditions Puebla is now also home to a space of incomparable luxury and sophistication.

Combining the past and the present in a fluid way with touches of art and Mexican architectural details, its Suites are individually designed and decorated, making each visit unique and unforgettable. Every corner and every moment of the stay has been meticulously planned and professionally achieved, creating unforgettable experiences.

A culinary paradise, it can not be necessary to let our senses be hypnotized by the modern interpretation of the Regional Mexican Cuisine of Centena IV. The restaurant at the hands of Executive Chef Antonio Trillo invites us to be surprised by an international menu with a Mexican trend that, along with a spectacular view, complements a gastronomic experience without equal. Fusions, colors, textures and aromas are found in this high luxury space within the Cartesian Hotel, whose name - Centena IV - highlights the four centuries that have passed in Puebla since its founding.

This hotel jewel is part of The Leading Hotels of the World - a wonderful collection of independent, unique and rare luxury hotels that immerse us in the most magical destinations in the world.

The Cartesian Hotel is a reflection of the precise destination where it is located, it is the conglomeration of diverse worlds, a kaleidoscope of flavors, aromas, colors and lifestyles that come together in harmony to create moments of fantasy, submerging us in a world of pure hedonism.

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