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  • Melanie Beard

Sensory Pleasures in Nizuc Spa by ESPA

A world of high stone walls, mesmerizing water mirrors, and unparalleled hedonistic luxury, the NIZUC Spa by ESPA in an Eden that immerses us in the most exquisite sensory pleasures of wellness.

Based on the holistic mindfulness concept, this physical and spiritual health center of NIZUC Resort & Spa, considered the Best Spa Hotel in the World by the prestigious World Spa & Wellness Magazine, is a recognized oasis of well-being in the Mexican Caribbean that fuses modern therapies European and Asian with legendary Mayan rituals.

The first Mexican Caribbean spa recognized by the prestigious British firm ESPA renews our mind and purifies our body. Activities aimed at improving the quality of life through meditation, massages and yoga classes that lead us to live a unique sensory experience and a deep state of consciousness, beyond sensations, feelings and thoughts, living fully here and now.

Here I let the minutes and hours pass by in a state of total relaxation, of absolute pleasure where I let myself be cuddled by the excellence of this impressive hotel and its magnificent Spa.

NIZUC Spa by ESPA has a wide range of elements to detoxify and relax through hydromassages at different temperatures and water pressures that ends with a facial treatment, a touch of arm massage and a splendid cranial massage that allows us a full relaxation of mind and body.

With an area of ​​three thousand square meters and a spectacular location facing the sea, the impressive facilities of the Spa have 18 luxurious treatment cabins, as well as a couples villa with private pool, living room, outdoor shower and outdoor terrace. Because of its lush vegetation environment, its innovative treatments and refined facilities, NIZUC Spa by ESPA is the perfect place to awaken our senses and find ourselves.

The recent incorporation of Alicia Acevedo, as Director of NIZUC SPA by ESPA, with almost 10 years of experience in renowned spas in Cancun, Cozumel and Cabo San Lucas and certified by the Latin American Spa Association, further consolidates the prestige and versatility of this Wellness oasis that has created novel therapies such as cocoa massage and the NIZUC renovating treatment.

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