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  • Melanie Beard

Relish the Heritage

Los Cabos has become the icon of luxury travel destinations in Mexico. It is here where a strong sunlight shines behind my eyelids, turning my world a deep red. I open my eyes and look around me: the branches of the palm trees sway gently in the breeze, the seagulls fly in the blue sky, the sea expands, unreachable and infinite until the distant horizon… Los Cabos is deserving of its fame.

This destination is also where an annual celebration of Mexican heritage takes place: 'Relish The Heritage'.

The stage is set: JW Marriott Los Cabos, this magnificent luxury hotel that overlooks from hill the agitated waves of the Pacific Ocean playing with the yellow sand of the desert. A world within itself, the resort envelops us and imbues us with Mexican culture through art, gastronomy, music, and that excellent service Mexico is known for.

At the Relish The Heritage festival I enjoyed a tasting of great Mexican wines, a tasting of mezcal and beer, a fun mixology class, concerts, music and live music, and of course, an exquisite master dinner at Café des Artistes with the wonderful chefs Thierry Blouet and chef José Manuel Baños.

The dinner was in honor of Oaxaca and it was there were to be found magnificent dishes such as totoba confit in corn crust, spider crab toast, the 'fantastic strawberries' of Thierry - which do honor to their name - and a magnificent risotto of organic tomatoes and black truffle.

The culinary talent of Thierry joins the visual harmony of JW Marriot, creating a dance of flavors and comfort, delicious dishes both attractive and seductive. His artistic talent is reflected in every detail of every dish that is presented, creating a harmony of flavors, shapes, and colors.

This culinary experience was paired with the best wines of Casa Madero and María Tinto.

I tried María Tinto's 2016 vintage, which presented us with a much more sophisticated and elegant version of the María Tinto that we’ve always know. This delicate wine has always been tasty, but this time I found it with many other improvements and with roundness and surprising finesse.

From Casa Madero we tasted the Chenin Blanc that is making itself known to the public. Vivacious and cheerful, with fruity aromas and a smooth texture, it paired very well with the exquisite spider crab toast. This wine gave is an example of the dedication and passion with which the Milmo brothers make their wines in the oldest house in America; Casa Madero.

JW Marriott Los Cabos resides in the middle of the desert dunes of Baja California Sur, at the point where the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Pacific Ocean converge. Between its magnificent gastronomy, excellent Spa, and incomparable views of the sea, this earthly paradise always creates experiences that are infinitely cradled in my memory.

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