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  • Melanie Beard

Under the Stars of Acapulco

When good food and refined taste cross paths, a special bond is created between them, which makes eating an art and - as Isabel Allende wrote - an act of love. This is what Tony's Asian Bistro is for me: the union of magnificent gastronomy, passion for culinary art, a space like no other and a dynamic and seductive environment, where every moment is an experience of pleasure and wonder.

From the impressive terrace of Tony's Asian Bistro, under the changing light of its tall and elegant white columns, my mind returns to the golden age of Acapulco, the destination of the famous and rich. Tony's, insignia at the time and flagship now, is part of the magic of this city that makes us always come back for more.

The gastronomy of Mexico has evolved and has become a sensory experience, where pleasure is king. Blending the best of Asian and French traditions, with unique Mexican touches, the wonderful chef Erik Nguyen's created dishes that are constantly evolving.

Achieving as well exquisite traditional dishes, the chef constantly experiments with new and delicious flavors, creating an innovative cuisine. Here chef is an artist and we the spectators, the stage is framed by the lights of Acapulco and the stars. A striking mural, whose colors change and play with our perspective, decorates the walls of the bistro.

This beautiful restaurant has the best view of Acapulco Bay in the entire city. Cataloged as No. 1 on TripAdvisor for 26 consecutive months for its exquisite menu, excellent service, and personalized attention, the restaurant has also been awarded the Five Diamond Star Award as well as the Shai de Rottis.

Enjoying the company of my beloved Tony Rullán, the genius behind this unique place, I enjoyed incredible dishes like duck tacos with plum sauce, Vietnamese rolls and my favorite dish -invention Tony - goat cheese with honey and white truffle, a true delicacy that I highly recommend.

A place of wonder and marvelous gastronomic experiences, Tony’s Asian Bistro never ceases to amaze.

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