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  • Melanie Beard

Hokol Vuh: A Culinary Journey

Manifesting itself through a gastronomic experience in which 18 of the best chefs in the world delighted us with their interpretation of the essence of each ingredient, smell and shape, born from one of the most important ancient cultures, Hokol Vuh is an initiative created by René Redzepi and Roberto Solís to introduce the roots of the Mayan Culture through gastronomy, seeking to give back to the Maya communities that are alive thanks to their contributions and heritage conservation.

The authentic and wonderful flavors and aromas of the ingredients of the rich land of Yucatan in the hands of creative and renowned chefs became works of art, achieved to perfection and transporting us through the senses. The most influential personalities of the gastronomic industry worldwide converged with the Mayan Culture, to reinterpret its spirit via their own expertise.

Hokol Vuh took place in the amazing Hacienda de San Lorenzo Ake, a 17th-century jewel, surrounded by trees, with thick wooden beams on the ceilings and beautiful architectural details that give a magical touch to the fantastic night. While our senses were awakened by the flavors and textures, we had as a backdrop the views of the imposing archaeological zone of Ake, with its millenary constructions surrounded by the vegetation of the area.

This feast of sensations is the second edition of Hokol Vuh, a unique experience that takes place in the beautiful Hacienda San Lorenzo Ake, where attendees enjoy a culinary experience of nine dishes, all paired with Moët & Chandon, in a kitchen format open, so that we get into the preparation of each gastronomic work.

Rene Redzepi is one of the most internationally influential chefs, ambassador of the new Nordic food, and co-owner and chef of Noma restaurant, awarded with two Michelin stars, in addition to appearing in the top places among the 50 best restaurants in the world in The British Magazine Restaurant. Roberto Solis is the creator of the new Yucatec cuisine, has dedicated his life to revaluating and promoting the ancestral ingredients of the peninsula. At 27 he opened his restaurant Nectar, where he gives us a new culinary proposal of the Mayan flavors.

We were delighted with their exquisite creations by the wonderful chefs Helena Rizzo, Kyle Connaughton, Manu Buffara, Jorge Vallejo, Leonor Espinosa, Val M. Cantú, Mike Bagale, Norbert Niederkofler, Zaiyu Hasegawa, Guillermo Gonzalez, Edgar Nuñez, Martha Ortiz, Daniela Soto, Virgilio Martinez, Benito Molina and, of course, René Redzepi and Roberto Solís.

These wonderful 18 international chefs, together with their colleagues, created their own interpretation of the essence of each dish, from the use of the ingredients, the aromatic mixture, the textures and the presentation, without losing sight of the history of each dish and the Mayan culture they represent so exquisitely.

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